Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

Ghostfire is one of my two favorite Steampunk bands, along with Victor Sierra, so I was eagerly awaiting their next release after The Tydburn Jig.

Strictly speaking, Skeleton Coast is not steampunk. As you can guess from the title, it is pirate-themed. This did not dim my enjoyment of the EP in the slightest. Skeleton Coast delivers four very atmospheric songs, ranging in style from shanties, “Fire In The Hole”, to classic Ghostfire style like we have heard on The Tydburn Jig, “Griminsky’s Soul”.

The overall feel of the EP is dark and tells of evil things to come, which goes nicely with the EP’s title and the fact that Great Cthulhu is on the cover (and the presence of Great Cthulhu is always a bonus).

Interestingly, Ghostfire has added a violinist to their line-up, and you may well recognize his style. Who it is? This is for Ghostfire to tell you.

To sum up: Skeleton Coast is a very atmospheric and enjoyable piece of music, best listened to in the coming autumn nights when the fog is creeping in from the sea. Listen to the EP and think of the horros which may very well hide there in the light-swallowing clouds, then down a glass of rum.

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