Panzer 88: Nazi Madness in the Snow

The story of a German tank stuck in Russian winter has the potential to become a dieselpunk classic.

After the “Ottensian” Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004), maybe we will soon have a real “Piecraftian” dieselpunk movie as well.

Panzer 88 is an upcoming horror film that tells the story of a German Tiger tank in retreat from Russia in the winter of 1944. The five-man crew of the Panzer stumbles across a Jewish town that was previously the target of an SS purge. There they become the target of a vengeful supernatural entity “that will stop at nothing until they’re destroyed.”

The film is produced by Gary Kurtz of Star Wars fame and to be directed by Peter Briggs, who was a co-writer on Hellboy (2004).

The project is still in the early stages, but there’s some wonderful concept art by Stuart Jennett and AJ Trahan available where we see flying wings and what looks like the Schwerer Gustav railway siege gun.

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I’ve seen Panzer 88 but the German horror film Panzer from 2012 is better in my humble opinion. He latter grill has an archeological twist and Thule Society innuendo.

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