Film Noir Detective Style

We all know the image of the film noir detective. The gritty down-to-earth, hardened-by-life, dark and often handsome hero who saves the day from a downtown office while wearing a classy suit, fedora hat and a long trench coat. Often called upon by damsels in distress with perfect hair and little suits and dresses that make many a fan of the genre and time (1940s mainly) green with proverbial envy.

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Skull Candy Aviator Headphones

Skull Candy Aviator headphones
Skull Candy Aviator headphones

In a well-set tradition of finding steampunk things around high street stores, I’ve stumbled upon this thing of aesthetic beauty. I can imagine that dieselpunks and steampunks alike would be well-pleased that a company like Skull Candy jumped on the steampunk bandwagon and produced some headphones that are visually pleasing. And it’s oh so comfortable on your head and ears to boot (I tried it in store, I mean honestly, how could I ever resist?).

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The Explorer Style

Steampunk and dieselpunk have always been synonymous with adventure for a lot of people. Exploring things ranging from contemporary events and places to history and hidden tombs in some exotic jungle. Whether in real life or as a made-up persona with their own world. Twist and turn as you like, exploration is a big part of both movements and, of course, one must dress for the occasion.

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Steampunk Your Convention Costume

It’s nearly summer and so the convention season is upon us! Certainly there are conventions all year long, but convention activity really reaches its peak during summer.

At conventions, a lot of people want to do something special, like portraying a loved character but in a steampunk way or using an existing setting (Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who) and giving it their very own steampunk twist. Why ever should you not be a steampunk Jedi or Starfleet officer or whatever else you love?

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Jazz Age Fashion Styles

The Roaring Twenties, the period smack in between the aftermath of World War I and the onset of the Great Depression, was a time of change, of rebellion and breaking with tradition. It is also the end of the age of steam and the start of the diesel era, the line where steampunk crosses over to dieselpunk. Aside from that, it was the time when Jazz music came to life and fashion, especially women’s fashion, took bold new steps.

While back in the day the movement was limited in its spread, today the influence of this time can’t be ignored and is globally recognized.

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The Mad Scientist Style

Surely, everyone is aware of the importance of science to the steampunk movement. We all have heard about the scientific importance of the Victorian era, thus it comes as no surprise that this lives on in the steampunk of this day.

Inventions and scientific revelation and discoveries, and the entire DIY feel that comes with them, are vital to the movement and many members build their own mechanical contraptions and spend many an hour on some kind of experiment. And what better way to do this than in style?

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The Adventurer Style

The adventurer is crucial to steampunk, for he explores the boundaries of empires and brings back new and exiting things from his journeys into the previously unknown. Adventurers are brave, daring and, most importantly, looking the part, no matter where they go — be they the brave explorers of lost civilizations in deep jungles or underneath the mighty oceans, the gallant aviators that soar the skies or anything in between.

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