Gatehouse Gazette 15

Gatehouse Gazette 15

In the wake of Halloween, and anticipating a winter season filled with magic and wonder, the Gatehouse Gazette explores the stranger, sometimes inexplicable facets of steampunk in this issue.


  • Bennett, A., “The Mission,” 8-11
  • Brackley, I., “The Frock Coat Conundrum,” 21-22
  • Davia, L., “Local Steampunk: Italy,” 16-18
  • Heyvaert, H., “Halloween in Disneyland Paris,” 3
  • Heyvaert, H., “The Princess and the Frog,” 12
  • Heyvaert, H., “The Steampunk Wardrobe,” 19
  • Joseph, E.B., “It So Hurts,” 23-27
  • Khenfi, S., “Victorian Paperdoll,” 23
  • McCleary, C., “Nellie Bly in a World of Smoke and Mirrors,” 13-15
  • Rauchfuß, M., “Amazing Artificial Antrhopoids,” 6-7
  • Stock, A., “Battle of the Sexes: How Steampunk Should Be Informed by Feminism,” 4-5


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