Gatehouse Gazette 14

Gatehouse Gazette 14

The Gatehouse Gazette prepares for catastrophe in this issue. We answer the call to arms with a plethora of articles dedicated to war and its effects on society and the genre.


  • Bennett, A., “First Meetings,” 15-17
  • Christi, J., “The Benefits of War,” 20-25
  • Davia, L., “Local Steampunk: Trieste,” 7-8
  • Heyvaert, H. & N. Ottens, “The Illusion of Murder,” 11
  • Heyvaert, H., “The Mutant Chronicles,” 12
  • Heyvaert, H., “The Steampunk Wardrobe,” 10
  • McCleary, C., “Nellie Bly in Mexico,” 26-28
  • Ottens, N., “Interview with Christian Matzke,” 18-19
  • Rauchfuß, M., “The Not So Fine Art of Propaganda,” 4-5
  • Rohan, W., “The Lost City of Prof. Thaddeus Lowe,” 13-14


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