Washington’s Dirigible

Washington's Dirigible

Recently I was in an antique store here in town and came across a 1997 novel which caught my interest. Since it was only a dollar I picked it up. The book is Washington’s Dirigible by John Barnes.

The story is told from the point of view of Mark Strang, who was a college professor until he saw his family murdered by the Closers, bad guys from a multitude of timelines who want to impose their will on the multiverse.

Strang finds himself recruited by the ATN, a federation of timelines fighting to stop the Closers. He becomes a member of Crux Ops and sent on his first mission to a timeline the ATN has cultivated.

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Outcasts of East Mars

Outcasts of East Mars

Today we have a short story by Brett Harte and B.R. Nielson: Outcasts of East Mars. Taking place in 2072 on, naturally, Mars, the story centers around a small group of people who have been deemed undesirable by the city of East Mars and so are forced into exile.

These unwanted examples of humanity include Mr Rose the gambler, the Mistress, Dear Mother and Uncle Billies. We are given very little description of these characters, yet you can easily form pictures of them in your mind.

They are escorted out of the city at gunpoint and head off on a journey to West Mars, where hopefully they will be given a better reception.

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The Dark Victorian: Risen

The Dark Victorian: Risen

Today we have a Victorian adventure by Elizabeth Watasin, The Dark Victorian: Risen. This is the first book in the Dark Victorian series.

Jim Dastard is not your usual detective. In fact, he is a talking disembodied skull who works for the Secret Commission, a government bureau that resurrects people from the dead and sends them to fight other eldritch threats to England.

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Folding Reality

Folding Reality

Today we have a quirky novella by Mit Sandru: Folding Reality.

Mike, an insurance salesman, is having a very bad day. For some reason, every time he folds a piece of paper — whether it’s a map, a dollar or take-out menu — he finds himself transported to another (usually unfriendly) place and time. He ends up in Jerusalem where he somehow prevents the crucifixion of Christ — and gets nailed to a cross himself!

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Dead Iron

Dead Iron

Today we have Devon Monk’s 2011 steampunk novel, Dead Iron, the first book in her Age of Steam series.

The story takes place in Hallelujah, Oregon in the late nineteenth century. The town is enjoying prosperity due to the arrival of the railroad that will soon be connecting them to the rest of the country.

However, not everyone is in good spirits. Protagonist Cedar Hunt has been cursed by a Native American god to become a werewolf during the full moon. During his first change he killed his brother (or so be believes) who had been cursed along with him.

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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

Have you ever said to yourself, “Gee, steampunk is awesome, but I wish it had more chicks with Gatling gun arms and lizard guys like in the Super Mario Brothers movie”?

Then Lavie Tidhar’s novel, Camera Obscura, is for you!

The story takes place in 1893 Paris. A murder has been committed in the Rue Morgue. Arriving on the scene is Milady de Winter (who is black in this story), agent extraordinaire for the mysterious Quiet Council.

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