Steampunk in Spain

Due to the uchronic nature of steampunk, a summary approach to Spanish history is unavoidable. The political instability, the loss of the colonial empire and other internal problems, such as a widespread illiteracy and a complete disregard for science, made of the nineteenth century a particularly tumultuous period in the history of Spain, a global power in decay.

Just to outline what “political instability” meant in this context, we need to bear in mind the French invasion, three civil wars, military coups, six kings, four republican presidents and five constitutions… in a period of one hundred years!

Despite the aforementioned difficulties, feudal structures vanished and a new liberal system was established: different constitutions settled people’s sovereignty, separation of powers and civil rights. The nineteenth century was not a period of grandeur for Spain, but precisely for this reason may be a challenging and exciting source of inspiration for the national and international steampunk community.

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