Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Harry Potter The Exhibition Brussels Belgium
Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium, June 29 (Hilde Heyvaert)

There are two grand Harry Potter exhibits: the one in London, that stays in the same spot, and this one, which travels the world. Now the second one has come to Belgium, traveling here from its previous run in Shanghai, where it is taking up residence over the summer in Palace 2 of the Brussels Expo. Continue reading “Harry Potter: The Exhibition”


Cinquantenaire Museum Belgium Djehutihotep exhibit
Djehutihotep exhibit at Cinquantenaire Museum, Belgium, January 10 (Hilde Heyvaert)

The secondary Egypt exhibit at the Cinquantenaire Museum is accessible on both a Sarcophagi and a general-admission ticket and is located on the top floor of the museum.

While their Egypt collection is amazing in its own right, displaying many pieces you won’t see anywhere else, it is treated a bit like the unfavored stepchild. Everything else is beautifully presented, yet these are all simple displays and often the lighting is bad, which is a shame. Some pieces have also been moved (possibly to Sarcophagi), leaving ugly empty gaps. Continue reading “Djehutihotep”

Da Vinci: The Genius

Da Vinci: The Genius exhibit Brussels Belgium
Da Vinci: The Genius exhibit at the Stock Exchange in Brussels, Belgium, July 24 (Hilde Heyvaert)

This particular exhibit of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and work has visited a great many of cities before, delighting fans of both Da Vinci himself, science and clockpunk around the globe, before taking its current stop in the capital of Belgium.

The exhibit has been very well set up. They start by explaining the purpose of the exhibit as well as the reason for the use of the replicas on display. I’m sure that some will be bothered by the use of copies, but, to be honest, it is so well put together that no one should let the lack of originals get to them. Continue reading “Da Vinci: The Genius”