Coalescaremonium, Industrial Decadence

Coalescaremonium Industrial Decadence Etterbeek Belgium
Coalescaremonium, Industrial Decadence in Etterbeek, Belgium, April 11 (Hilde Heyvaert)

Coalescaremonium is an annual Gothic happening that takes place in a revamped monastery near Brussels. Every year they set a new theme, this year’s was Industrial Decadence, which is the general theme for the event, which the organization does a great job planning around to create a varied and most excellent event. Continue reading “Coalescaremonium, Industrial Decadence”

Emporium Vernesque

Emporium Vernesque Arnhem Netherlands
Steampunk enthusiasts at Emporium Vernesque in Arnhem, the Netherlands, November 8 (Hilde Heyvaert)

Emporium Vernesque was back this year, for the 3rd time, and instead of having split its location between Willemeen and Luxor Live like last year, they had moved to Luxor Live entirely, leaving Willemeen completely for the first time.

Luxor Live is much larger than the previous venue, and it needs to be said, a lot more beautiful. Even though the light wasn’t best to photograph in, it did give the entire venue the exact right kind of atmosphere. Continue reading “Emporium Vernesque”

Steampunk at Japan Expo

Japan Expo Paris France
Steampunk enthusiasts at Japan Expo, Paris, France, July 5 (Hilde Heyvaert)

Japan Expo is known as _the_ J-culture convention of Europe, and with it’s 15th edition they proved once again why.

For the first time in years the convention was operating without it’s twin Comic Con Paris, and while several people had expressed some worry about this, the event held up fabulously on it’s own. Continue reading “Steampunk at Japan Expo”

When Black Is a Challenge: Wave Gotik Treffen 2014

The 23rd Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) was the hottest one ever. Even the weather forecasts said that it was the hottest first June weekend since record began with temperatures around 36°C and more. So wearing black in that hot oven was really a challenge unless you went for a nearly-no-fabric-look and even then you had to be careful not to catch a sunburn. Continue reading “When Black Is a Challenge: Wave Gotik Treffen 2014”

Antwerp Convention

Antwerp Convention Belgium
Steampunk enthusiasts at Antwerp Convention, Belgium, April 27 (Hilde Heyvaert)

It was the fourth edition already of Antwerp Convention and lo and behold it was awesome! This year, undoubtedly thanks to the coming of guest Colin Baker, as well as the news that for the first time the convention would span two halls, and the program in itself, the visitor numbers expanded exponentially. Normally you could arrive easily between 10 and 11am and find only a couple handfuls of people in front of you at the ticket office. Not this time however, and queues to get in of 1-2 hours were not unheard of. Considering it is Antwerp Convention, we can rest assured that this sort of madness won’t happen again, as they’re one of those cons that is fabulous when it comes to improving on things with every edition. Continue reading “Antwerp Convention”