De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse

De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse

The first volume of De Gouden Jaren van Mickey Mouse (“The Golden Years of Mickey Mouse”) covers the 1930–37 works of Floyd Gottfredson, who was instrumental in turning Mickey Mouse into the icon of animation he is today.

Aviator Mickey (which was actually a line of steampunk and dieselpunk merchandise in Disneyland Paris some years back) on the cover isn’t a misleading piece of art, as several of these stories tie in right with the dieselpunkian sense of adventure of the pre-World War II times.

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City Hall, Volume 5

City Hall, Volume 5

The fifth installment of French steampunk manga City Hall introduces a whole new cast of characters crossing the path of our familiar trio of heroes: Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and Amelia Earhart. It also marks the return of Harry Houdini, who is finding himself in a world quite unlike anything he’s ever encountered.

The plot which was set in previous editions continues to weave its way along steadily and the new additions to the cast only enrich the story.

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The Rocketeer and The Spirit: Pulp Friction

The Rocketeer and The Spirit: Pulp Friction

The Rocketeer returns from the presses of IDW Publishing with an all-new adventure. This time he’s not alone but teams up with that other beloved dieselpunk pulp hero: Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

Which is great news for fans of both heroes, as this particular crossover is pretty brilliant.

Even though it combines two very different settings, the author and artists do a fantastic job representing both and combining these worlds in a realistic fashion that does the two of them justice.

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City Hall, Volume 4

City Hall, Volume 4

It took a while, but in October of last year it was finally released: the fourth volume in the ongoing City Hall storyline of the French steampunk manga series created by Rémi Guerin and Guillaume Lapeyre.

We revisit our heroes, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and Amelia Earhart, who are still trying to figure out just who or what the illusive Lord Blackfowl is and who else is behind his dastardly schemes of destruction that have plagued the city of London. Only this time events force the dynamic trio to move their investigations to Paris — which isn’t quite the Paris we know — via new and exciting means of transportation.

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Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror

It’s the fourth installment of IDW Publishing’s revamped Rocketeer series already and, to be honest, I’m still not sure where they’re taking it. I’m not even sure I like what they’re doing to the much beloved pulp superhero.

It’s not so much the fact that every story they change writers and artists that irks me. There is a lot of talent out there and it’s great that different people get a stab at The Rocketeer. As long as they’re competent storytellers and make excellent art, I’m fine with it.

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Walking Your Octopus

Walking Your Octopus

Welcome to the world of renowned steampunk Brian Kesinger, and in particular the world of two of his best known characters: Otto and Victoria.

The world of Otto and Victoria is a Victoriana world where cephalopods live on land as well as in water and are often seen as companions to humans.

It is this world we explore in Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod.

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City Hall, Volumes 1-3

City Hall

City Hall is a franga (French manga) created by writer Rémy Guérin and artist Guillaume Lapeyre. Set in an alternative Edwardian-era London, full of steampunk and fantastical marvels and terrors.

Imagine a world where paper has not only been replaced by the Steam-net but is also a dangerous weapon. Everything written down on it becoming reality, how dangerous and threatening as the writer deems appropriate or necessary. Only very few individuals still know how to write by traditional means, everyone else uses typewriters resembling the steampunk laptops and desktops computers.

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Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom

Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom

The third installment in the new Rocketeer series brings back the Rocketeer we have come to know and love. No more chronologically jumbled-up short stories by different artists and authors, but an all-new adventure written by Mark Waid with art by Chris Samnee, who previously participated in the first Rocketeer Adventures.

Originally a four-part comic story, this is the hardcover compilation of the “Cargo of Doom” story arc, which was previously released as a four-part comic adventure by IDW Publishing. Extras include 36 pages of storyboard sketches and art.

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Rocketeer Adventures, Volume 2

Rocketeer Adventures

Where the first volume had only the small downside of lack of chronology, volume 2 of the Rocketeer Adventures sadly does not live up to expectations.

There are a few beautifully drawn and strong stories in there, but overall it lacks the beauty and storytelling of the first release.

The lack of chronology has become downright annoying, as now you have short stories that are jumbled over two volumes time-wise, which is just bothersome. And in some cases the art is so subpar that the story can’t make up for it.

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