The Darlington Substitution

The Darlington Substitution

When Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are presented by old Lord Darlington with a case riddled with supernatural elements, they set out to investigate in style. Facing new foes, one far more clever than expected, and a whole slew of unexpected issues arising left and right. As the plot unfolds, our heroes must use all their considerable amount of wits to stop innocent people from dying and the villain succeeding at their diabolical plan.

The Darlington Substitution is Hugh Ashton’s first full-length novel featuring Baker Street’s sleuthing duo and from the first second you start reading it will grab your attention and hold it to the very last letter.

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Rocketeer Adventures

Rocketeer Adventures

Long after the unfortunate and untimely demise of the Rocketeer’s creator, Dave Stevens (1955-2008), his creation is back, resurrected by some of the sharpest talents in today’s comic-book business. Since then sixteen new volumes have been released, forming three all-new series.

It’s about the first of these, Rocketeer Adventures, I would like to talk in our last review of 2012.

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A Clockwork Christmas

A Clockwork Christmas

It’s the week before Christmas, so it seems like an apt time to post this review. A Clockwork Christmas is a compilation of four novellas, each by a different author and published by Carina Press.

All four are about romance: love lost or misplaced and found and the personal development of the leading characters during the holiday season in a world filled with steam-powered objects and creatures.

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Moonlight, Murder and Machinery

Moonlight Murder and Machinery

John Paul Catton’s Moonlight, Murder & Machinery certainly fulfils its promise of the “anti-steam” steampunk novel.

The year is 1814 and the place Nova Albion. The country is at war with the dreaded Thermidorians from across the Channel, where cities have become vast factories. Nova Albion has outlawed most technology to make sure it doesn’t fare the same lot in life and uses Chosen Men, brave men with special powers, to keep the realm safe.

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Planes B: Spanish Steampunk Anthology

Planes B

A year ago, two writers — Josué Ramos from Spain and Negro Inmunsapá from Mexico — had the idea to create the first steampunk anthology in Spanish. This led them to more ideas. One was the creation of a collection of books made to promote new writers, something never quite seen before. Out of it came Planes B.

The first volume is now here and it was officially introduced during EuroSteamCon last week.

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Third Reich Victorious

Third Reich Victorious

While we don’t often think about it, every moment we make decisions that might have serious consequences.

For example, if I had not taken a specific college course in a specific semester, I would have never met the woman of my dreams whom I would someday marry.

Taking this further, if I had never met the jewel of my eye, our daughter would have never been born. Not only was our meeting necessary for her existence but how many lives has she also touched?

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Diesel City: Fiction Reveals Truths That Reality Obscures

Diesel City

From Paris with love arrived my copy of Stefan’s Diesel City today, a collection of his marvelous dieselpunk artwork supplemented with little blurbs of text that were translated for the English edition by none other than our friend Tome Wilson of the Dieselpunks community.

It’s hard to be objective for this review, because I’ve known Stefan and his work for so long and have even been involved a little in the making of the book.

Fortunately, there is little, if anything, to criticize about this volume. Dieselpunk fans will rejoice in the dozens of pictures collected in this book, some of which are familiar to those who know Stefan’s work, others are new.

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A Prince of Mars

A Prince of Mars

The next installment of the Space 1889 & Beyond series and I can say only one thing: The dive that was Vandals on Venus was used to build up momentum and now it is going full steam ahead. Abattoir in the Aether was already one great novella and A Prince of Mars by Frank Chadwick is, well, I tell you what it is, just bear with me.

A Prince of Mars starts with intrigue and mystery, setting the stage for a more political adventure. Next, we get introduced to Kak’hamish, an old, experienced Martian also with an air of mystery about him. Than the story shifts back to our beloved main protagonists, Annabelle and Nathanael, who once again seem a bit different from the last installment of the Space 1889 & Beyond series.

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More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

More of the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

With More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD, the sequel to Tales of the Deed Box, Hugh Ashton brilliantly continues to follow in the footsteps of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

As was the case with the first volume, Ashton takes us on a tour of three tales previously untold by the good Doctor Watson. Again, he does it in a style so reminiscent of that of the creator of Sherlock Holmes that it is easy to believe you are in fact reading an original story.

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