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  • (Quote) Je ne sais pas... "tout", c'est "all". "any", c'est quelque?? Moi, je voudrai ecrier Je cherche des chanteuses de tout genre qui chant en français. PS: Mylene Farmer a des chansons "not suitable for work&q…
  • (Quote) Toute? En francais? Ce sont beaucoup... trop... plus... Par example: Edith Piaff Mireille Matthieu France Gall Jane Birkin Desireless (un peu Gotihc) Vanessa Paradis (le clip...!) Jena Lee Superbus Sandra Kim Cultur Européen %-) Beátrice Mar…
  • (Quote) Oh yes, the texts are. Yet the pictures aren't! There you are. You know, it's amazing how much foreign surface of the earth a Dutchman has to face! It's more than the English have, and a huge lot more than those Americans!
  • I've tried to read through the discussion, which is only fragmentary because topics have been deleted. Anyway... the way I understand Orientalism is that in architecture. It's also called "Moorish Revival". It is an European style that wa…
  • Great! When I'm correct, there is also a dictionary of Victorian slang. I have to search for it though. It's in the bookmarks of another PC. To the Dutch: the Verdwijnwoordenboek is a nice source for period words.
  • Maybe I'm too much into soccer, but until the end of the last minute of the game, anything can happen! History proves me right there.
    in Issue 13 Comment by Yaghish June 2010
  • (Quote) Yet, in the last few days, something has happened. It could happen in the next two days as well.
    in Issue 13 Comment by Yaghish June 2010
  • Why is there a conclusion of the great Steampunk Debate in this issue, when the debate hasn't ended yet?
    in Issue 13 Comment by Yaghish June 2010
  • Well, receiving sounds from the universe isn't that odd...
  • There's goggles in it... must be steampunk.
  • If they wear a tail, they are "Werewolves". I saw a newsitem on that the other day on the YouTube. Before, they were "Vampires" (just like in Buffy and Twilight). But from what I've seen, I'd call it the Mainstream of the Zeroes.
  • Would you like to have some tyromancy with your oinomancy, Mr Walker? Or do you care for a bit of oomancy with pinch of halomancy? The list could use some "vapomancy" or whatever Latin word is best: divination using steam (reading the pa…
    in -mancy Comment by Yaghish May 2010
  • I have no TV at home. When I'm at my parents, I can watch. I guess there's about 50 channels. You don't have to watch cartoons. If you love cartoons, and the quality goes down, you can buy some. However, the best cartoon ever, Mad Jack the Pirate, …
    in cartoons Comment by Yaghish May 2010
  • Oh yeah, those trainrides... I would be happy to get together € 2000,- in order to rent my own train and fill it with friends for a return ride through the Dutch woods... I also found a steampunk way of camping here, which is probably based on the …
  • With Art of Noise I always think "Paranoia" and the very cyberpunk video with Max Headroom. Boy, that were the days... they never left me.
  • I've got, apart from my homepages, a LiveJournal: http://schlimazlnik.livejournal.com/ I don't use other social networking tools. I'm too oldfashioned for that, I like forums.
  • Congrats! There will always be crime so be picky with the job, okay?
  • Check out Space 1999.
  • Nurse! Nurse? Do we have a doctor here?
  • (Quote) Well, that's about the same as saying there are no movies from a Canadian point of view, then pointing out there are lots of movies from the USA. Even though they seem to share the same language, it's a different culture (with a slightly dif…
  • I haven't got time to read all, sorry. But I suggest you step back every now and then, to give an overview of the situation. Like in the first part: The ship was flying over the sunbeaten Cappadocian landscape with it towering, phallus-like rockfo…
  • I can't join the debate from the beginning, while most probably offline. However, I think some topics are fairly useless. The debate will lead to the general discussion "who is a real steampunk?" and once that is settled every punk with f…
  • Is this the first part of the book, or just a part you would like us to read? (does it really start at the beginning or have the characters been introduced before?)
  • I don't know, the colonial style can easily be steampunked.
  • I have no "picture" with the schoolgirl uniform, but I do think "steampunk dress" should in a way support one or more "visions": - female sexuality: either covering all (Victoria), or unveiling (Mata Hari). The play wi…
  • I have just seen some YouTube footage of it. Seems interesting enough. According to IMDB, it has not been released in the English speaking part of the world. I'll see if I can get a copy of it (in France).
  • (Quote) At least "poche" is a "paperback pocketbook".
  • Maybe you should try Guy de Maupassant? At least his stories are short. Maybe you should try some comics, like [url=http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cités_obscures]Les Cités Obscures[/url]. It's very hard to tell what suits you. I've had 4 years of fr…