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  • Well, I think in the US, a big part of the problem is that you have only two parties. I think multiparty systems are preferable on so many levels. You avoid the kind of polarization you see in the US. It encourages parties to meet in the middle rath…
  • Interesting story! Lots of dieselpunk themes with a noir-y feel. Glad you found it for us :-) You may have noticed already, but I just republished another of Dale's WW2 scenarios on the blog: What if Poland stopped the Blitz?
  • I thought that was actually a nice touch: the world ending up in a similar place despite the absence of Europeans. I read it as a rebuke to the Eurocentrist worldview that freedom, democracy and prosperity were European inventions. I'll put Aurora o…
    in Book Club Comment by Ottens February 11
  • You're quite right, it was high fuel costs that doomed the Concorde. Boom intends to use a "sustainable" jet fuel, though. Read here. I don't know how much cheaper that will be, but better for the environment! You're also right the US does…
  • Coincidence or not, Matthew Yglesias, a center-left columnist, has a similar newsletter today. He writes about climate anxiety, which is not actually motivating people to improve the world. Instead it's just making them depressed, and it's based on …
  • Saw The King's Man yesterday. I'm afraid the poor reviews are correct - it's pretty bad. It did remind me we ran a story about Gavrilo Princip, the assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in the Gatehouse Gazette many years ago. (The assassination is …
  • Some improvement: there's a new admin, von Corax, so Brass Goggles is no longer dependent on proteus, who hasn't been heard from in ages. But the new leadership still doesn't have access to the domain, so they may move to brassgoggles.net.
  • Pretty bleak! I'm guessing a world where machines continue a war that has long ago killed all humans?
  • New: Creating the Klingons. How they evolved from unscrupulous villains into honorable allies of the Federation.
  • https://neverwasmag.com/lounge/discussion/comment/42680#Comment_42680 I'm afraid I know nothing more than you do. Someone must still be paying the hosting bill, though. The website is still up.
  • I know Dale! I've republished a few of his scenarios in Never Was. I can't find a Cold War scenario on his website, though.
  • Interesting question! I can't think of an alternate history about a Sino-Soviet War. Maybe in Chinese or Russian? I agree with you - whoever would have "won" a nuclear World War 3 would have inherited a world in ruins. Reminds me of this s…
  • New season of Snowpiercer is starting! So far... so good? I'm not sure. First couple of episodes haven't been super impressive.
    in Snowpiercer Comment by Ottens February 7
  • You could have a three-way nuclear cold war between America, Germany and Japan, not unlike the world of George Orwell's 1984.
  • Ha! I didn't know if people still read those old issues.
  • I wrote a story in 2018 about old steampunk websites you may like: here
  • How sad: Facebook's parent company Meta Inc. recorded its worst day ever on Wall Street. The company is also reporting a loss in users for the the first time in its 18-year history.
  • Well said. I'm rewatching The Next Generation, and the contrast with the new Picard show is stark, and not in a good way.
  • Big update at Forgotten Trek: after using Wordpress for 10 years, I've converted the whole site back to HTML. Wordpress has become too clunky, especially for a website that doesn’t require frequent updates. I never got used to the “Gutenberg” bloc e…
  • Welcome to the club, @JohnZybourne! I see there are now solid efforts going on to create a "Brass Goggles 2.0", which is good. I hope it succeeds, and will be happy to promote it once it's online. Maybe it will even kick-start a revival of…
  • It's a good question, @JohnZybourne. Since many people wrote under pseudonyms, it's hard to find out. I know some moved on to more general fantasy and science fiction. Others remain active in lefty literary circles. I think it would go too far to sa…
  • It is disheartening, isn't it? That even now so many people won't see Trump for what he is. And that so many Republican politicians, who probably know better, still make excuses for him and still mimic his lies...
  • Review of Munich is up!
  • Watched Munich: The Edge of War. It's exciting, but revisionist. I'll have a review on the blog soon.
  • My life would be totally different. Both my work and my hobbies are dependent on the internet. I devote a lot of my time to Atlantic Sentinel, Forgotten Trek and Never Was, none of which could exist without the internet. I imagine career-wise I woul…
  • It's odd that the forum just reappeared without notice. I'm also a little disheartened, honestly, that all the talk of building a new community went out of the window the moment Brass Goggles returned.
  • I still think an intelligent script, probably revolving around the fall of Rapture, could have made a compelling movie.
  • Welcome to our little refuge, @Lazaras! It's good to see you here.
  • Brass Goggles is back! For now... No explanation yet on what caused it to go dark for several weeks.
  • The reason finale felt rushed. Apparently COVID forced them to shorten the latest season. It's too bad, now there's just too much happening in a single episode, including a plot twist that might have felt less contrived if there had been more time t…
    in The Expanse Comment by Ottens January 15