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  • I spent some time looking into the history (or future-that-wasn't) of supersonic commercial flight: "Supersonic Jets That Weren't".
  • Season 2 trailer is here! Looks like the entire Season 1 cast is back, including Seven of Nine. Q and time travel appear to be involved, with hints of a "road not taken". There are also reports Whoopi Goldberg will make an appearance as Gu…
  • Watched the second season of Lupin, on Netflix. Not as good as the first one, but still enjoyable.
  • Cool! Thanks for sharing, @josephwknowles, and welcome to the Never Was Lounge!
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  • Finally found a version of Deutschland 89 with English subtitles! It's the third and last season of the show, and it's taking place around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • Watched the first episode of Halston on Netflix. It's kinda fun! Also watching Showtime's The Reagans, currently on episode 3 out of 4. It's terribly one-sided, making Ronald Reagan out to be the tool of racist plutocrats and Nancy a tone-defeat soc…
  • Regional elections are tomorrow! In anticipation, I've summarized what I believe are the most persuasive arguments for and against independence.
  • Welcome to the discussion, @marktayloruk! Why do you think there would be no US embargo on Japan? That was because of the Japanese invasion of China, right? I hadn't thought of the effect on decolonization, but I think you're right about that - it w…
  • I have it on my Netflix watchlist for a re-watch. Loved it! There's rumors of a sequel, but presumably without Armie Kammer (who played Soviet agent Illya Kuryakin), who has been accused by several women of sexual abuse.
  • Forgotten Trek has been getting a lot of visitors in the last few months! My story about Robert Fletcher's redesign of the Starfleet uniforms for Star Trek II was linked by Heavy. The "Unseen Enterprise-D" article has been consistently pop…
  • Season 2 teaser reveals the return of Q! And that's about it, other than hints at time travel, so too soon to make any judgements. LeVar Burton says "maybe" Geordi will make an appearance in Season 2.
  • Season 4 trailer has been released. Frame-by-frame analysis at Trekmovie. Doesn't tell us a lot yet other than that a destructive "gravitational anomaly" is threatening the Federation and non-Federation alike. Notable stand-out: new unifor…
  • Started watching a documentary series on Amazon Prime: The Challenge: ETA.
  • I've been reading several books about Dutch history recently. Simon Schama, a British historian, argues in The Embarrassment of Riches that what defined the seventeenth-century Netherlands was an embarrassment about sudden and newfound wealth, and t…
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  • More on solarpunk: Writers, illustrators, architects, and political radicals have eagerly embraced the nascent solarpunk genre as an optimistic alternative to the gloomy, polluted sprawls of cyberpunk and the "everything has a cogwheel" de…
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  • I skipped the Mirror Universe episodes and finished Season 3. Not bad. Certainly better than the first two seasons. But at this point I can't see the point of a fourth. They're really telling the same story over and over again. Let's see how Strange…
  • There's hope restaurants will be allowed to open up outdoor seating in a few weeks. Which would be nice, as the weather is about to improve. The vaccination schedule is also accelerating slightly and the government has said that, if all things go we…
  • Thanks, @jcvstephenson! I think you may be right, and at least some readers assumed I was a British unionist and then that whole history and "siege mentality", as you put it, factored into their reaction. In general, I've become wary of po…
  • Finished Season 2 of Snowpiercer, which is still going strong! Looking forward to the third season. I found Season 2 of Occupied disappointing. The incredible premise of the first season -- Russia invades Norway at the behest of the EU -- plays an e…
  • Still waiting for vaccinations here in the Netherlands. At least my grandparents have had the vaccine.
  • The Little Drummer Girl was good! I recommend it. Still watching Snowpiercer, but it's only one new episode per week. Also found the second season of Occupied with subtitles. It's about a Russian occupation of Norway in the present day. So far, I'm …
  • Only a month ago we had snow here in Amsterdam, now it's so warm and sunny you can go for a walk in a T-shirt and people are picnicking in the park. Indeed, too many people are - so they close all the side entrances of the Vondelpark (Amsterdam's ce…
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  • Ha! At least it's better than a monorail down Regent Street: https://neverwasmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Regent-Street-Monorail-London-England.jpg
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  • Looking forward to it! Welcome to our community, @Metropius.
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  • Watching The Little Drummer Girl. Set in the 1970s, involving Israeli spies and Palestinian terrorists. Based on a Le Carré novel, so that's almost* a guarantee it will be good. Also: directed by Park Chan-wook of Snowpiercer fame. * The Russia Hous…
  • Barbers can open again, so I can finally get a haircut. With luck, restaurants will be allowed to open outdoor seating in a few weeks, when the weather is supposed to improve.
  • Thoughts on the "punk" in steampunk from writer Andrew Knighton: Some people argue that anything with the term "punk" in it should be defiantly anti-establishment, politically and socially engaged, to earn that tag. This leads to…
  • We're making some progress with vaccinations here, but it's still slow. We're also still under lockdown and curfew, although it's been getting busier in the streets now that the sun is out. The city of Amsterdam has had to close the Vondelpark sever…
  • Sea Lion has a good review of Turtledove's The Guns of the South that touches on the Lost Cause theme as well.
  • Brass Goggles has been down again. It's worth reminding people Spare Goggles exists. I understand they have reactivated registrations.