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  • The Scandinavian goverment kind of used Panamanian independence as their main selling point to get the contract. As such they agree.
  • On another point, it's seems that we have run out of steam with this scenario. How about we end it with an american acceptance/intervention/withdrawal and move on to the next?
  • Unfortunately, J.D. seems rather busy nowadays. Since an American accepting of the consortium's proposal would indeed put the matter to rest, I'll wrap up this scenario with a more general post and begin a new one today!
  • Oh, dear! I just read everything posted as of now and I seem to have a quandary with my Dutch ally.

    In the last episode the Dutch ambassador was to meet with the Empress within days. That episode ended in April 1872. This new episode starts in January 1873.

    In my mind this can be accomplished in one of two ways:
    The meeting can occur in a flashback
    The meeting could have been unexpectedly delayed over eight months.

    I supposed I prefer the second option. It is a long gap, but I think I can manufacture a reason. Plagues were not entirely uncommon during Japanese summers.

    What do you think Ottens?
  • I'd prefer the second scenario also, for a flashback scene might produce greater difficulties yet. Perhaps certain events at court might have delayed their meeting?
  • Is Uchronia still active or is there a hiatus? I do love alternate history ideas.
  • I'm afraid the Uchronia RPG is rather dead as of now, but we do have two other active role-plays!
  • I very much liked this one..if I hadn't been so distracted with RL events, I'd have kept this going as much as was in my power.
  • Well, in that case, let's see if there's more people interested. I, for one, wouldn't mind giving it another go!
  • If we were to do this again, would it be following from where we left off, or from a begining; with a different alt/hist? If so I've a good idea for a Greater Bergundy instead of the French Empire :D
  • Starting over altogether would be more practical, yes. New players can join more easily, and old ones don't have to read up on what we had going on so far. I, for one, don't quite remember our old storyline, you see.
  • Something about some silly french revolution I believe. Easily put aside. I'm definetly interested.
  • Very well then, I'd say with four likely players we should have enough to play this game.

    I could think of a new storyline, unless there's any specific suggestions?
  • I'm wondering if we shouldn't redo the world map completly. One problem that I think stalled us last time was the imbalance betwenn the different countries, with some being penned up in europe or east asia while others controlled the vast majority of the globe. And, since almost all territory was claimed by someone, there was relativly little left to fight or conspire over.
  • I'd mostly agree, this is all dependant on what countries are available to play as and where our point of divergance is from RL history.
  • Agreed, I think the biggest problem last time around was that some nations were confined to their own part of the globe, while others were perhaps slightly too powerful to make for "fair play". Maybe this time, we should strive for all nations to be approximately equally powerful. Considering that we have only a handful of players, at least at the moment, I would propose that each pick a large empire and not bother too much about (alternate) historical accuracy.

    * British Empire
    * United States
    * Russia
    * An Eastern Empire, consisting of China and Japan
    * An amalgamation of northern European states: the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, possibly Prussia
    * A still-powerful Spain with much of South America in its control

    All would, of course, have colonies scattered all about the globe, but as Jawa points out, I think it'd be more fun to keep much more of the map "white" this time, no "scramble for Africa" having occurred yet, large territories in Central Asia still unoccupied, etc.
  • Do we keep the same roughly WWI technology level or do we keep it more historical, alternative more steampunk and fantastical.
  • I, frankly, don't really care that much. ;) I'd say stick with WW1 level of technology with some steampunkness thrown in, but if you'd all like something else, that will be fine with me.
  • 'd disagree with those empire suggestions I'm afraid, Nick. I think it'd be better to have a run of medium sized empires, not superstates like the US and Sino-Japan. This is because super-states and large empires are more likely to allready maintain many overseas colonies whereas participants in an era of medium sized empires are more likely to be still exploring Africa, central asia, the other white parts of the map/.
  • What if we were all to play European states, each yet without (many) colonies?

    Britain, France, Austria, Prussia, Spain and Scandinavia would all be of approximately equal strength without an empire.

    For sake of alternate history and gameplay, we each could have a few overseas territories already, which serve as a foothold for further expansion.
  • How's this?


    I've given the major European powers a number of colonies 'round the world, leaving lots of the map still blank. I wasn't sure what to do about Russia. I think it's rather too big to a fair player; same goes for China, though we might split up the latter between ourselves for after all it's can be too powerful in this era, can it now?
  • VicVic
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    I like it, it really does open up the game. I'm up for it. I think the Netherlands should still be in the game with some colonies. Perhaps Austro-Hungaria with no colonies, Italy with Libya as a colony. Maybe Japan including all of the Kurils and Sakhalin Island and including Korea.
  • I'd considered all three, though I figured that, Japan would be too restricted to the Eastern hemisphere, thus making for an uninteresting nation to play; Austria would be unlikely to have any colonies at all; and The Netherlands would, in spite of having possible South Africa and Indonesia, too minor a power to be able to compete with the rest.

    If anyone wishes to play any of these three nations, they are welcome though, but I'd rather discourage it.
  • VicVic
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    The Netherlands was just the Dutch in my heritage coming out. :-)

    Ya know, you have not made this an easy choice, they are all interesting.
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    I will perhaps join in too. But if we reset the story, i will take a another country than the silly bust out of inapropriated patriotism than was the repuplic of bas canada. Hum, france is already taken....i think i will take a imaginary empire i has in mind since a long time: a alternate china who as not isolate himself of western technology and has living his own industrial revolution.

    Just hope they has any room left :P

    A other question: when we say than we have WWI tech level, do we mean all WWI tech like plane, tank, howitzer and the like? Do it restricted to the military or this applicate also in the mundane (radio, x-ray, theorisation of atomic power and quantum physic)?
  • France is taken?

    Who claimed it?
  • this was not someone who included france in a ''great empire of burgundy'' of some sort?
  • We are starting all over again, so, all nations are still free. ;)
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    Hum,i'm still with china howewer. The emperor of china is a more inspiring character than Napoleon II.

    But you're not answer my question: How far we got in WWI tech level?
  • I'm not sure--I don't mind much, though considering that in terms of alternate history we're probably a few decades before WW1, turn-of-the-century technology might be best.

    China will be fine, though I'll make it somewhat smaller than what is "China" nowadays, for we dont want to have playing nations too powerful. How about a China restricted to the coastal regions, with colonies like Korea, the Philippines and part of the North American westcoast?
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