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    Greetings and salutations to all!

    I told myself I wasn't going to join yet another forum (the aetherweb takes up far too much of my time as it is), but I received an invitation through Livejournal from Ottens (incorrectly addressed to a "Sir" though it was), and decided to give this site a try.

    I live in Seattle, I'm a university student in search of a career, and I love books more than almost anything -- but travel, good food, style (though I've got very little of it myself) and mad science are also high up on my list.

    I got interested in steampunk fairly recently, but so far I've been having a good time with it. I look forward to some great discussions and hopefully learning a few new things with you.
  • Ottens wrote:
    Welcome to the Smoking Lounge, Ms Mahariel! I believe I might have spotted one of your husband's creations over at deviantArt; please do let him know that his skills in devising weaponry are greatly appreciated!

    As for your own creations, that parasol in particular is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm quite fond of the airship pilot-outfit also!
    Thank you! I do have to qualify that the deviantart work I posted to the Steamfashion LJ community is of a friend of mine, not that of the husband's.
  • I would like to intriduce myself as Mr. A.R.M. of the Secret Society of Odd Acquisition. We are an organization of collectors of the strange and macabre. Our cause is failing, as a lack of participation from this world is displaying a direct tear in the world of vintage Wunderkammer display. I was brought about toward this site by Ottens. I apreciate the invite and hope to add something to your conversations.
  • Aranzazu wrote:
    I told myself I wasn't going to join yet another forum (the aetherweb takes up far too much of my time as it is), but I received an invitation through Livejournal from Ottens (incorrectly addressed to a "Sir" though it was), and decided to give this site a try.
    I do beg your pardon for my presumptiousness in regard to your gender, Miss! I had assumed, judging from your somewhat masculine name, I were addressing a gentleman, but rest assured the Smoking Lounge is no gentlemen's club and I'm very glad indeed that you decided to join us!

    Also a warm welcome to you, Mr. A.R.M.! You will find a fellow resident of the fine city of Pittsburgh roaming this place and perhaps one of my latest posts at The Gatehouse about a deco Pittsburgh tram poster might be of particular interest to you too?

    I must also point out that Mr A.R.M. maintains an excellent Website that steampunk enthusiasts surely ought to visit!
  • A general greetings to each and every newcomer. I do hope you will each find this venture as invigorating as the rest of us, Ottens confusion of genders aside.
  • Mr. A.R.M. wrote:
    I would like to intriduce myself as Mr. A.R.M. of the Secret Society of Odd Acquisition.

    Well, "Mr. A.R.M." (feels very strange being so formal) fancy meeting you here. I hope to see you soon. May 23 for example? For a formal tea party? It's in celebration of my birthday or some such sillyness, I'm not sure really.

    In all our conversing I've always failed to ask how one joins your happy little organization? Or is being in one organization with me too much for you Mr. A.R.M.? ;)
    However I do have my doubts that I may not have the stomach for it. I have a great love of strange historical ephemra and oddies. Yet, I don't really appreciate dead stuffed animals. Bones, interesting; stuffed, not so much. Their empty glass eyes always follow you about a room.

    Oh! I took a picture of your entry at the art show. However, my camera suddenly died so it's only a poor quality picture on my mobile.
  • A very warm welcome to all the newcomers!
  • ^ I hadn't thought two residents of the fine city of Pittsburgh, both being steampunk enthusiasts, could have gone about not knowing each other! ;)
  • Hello, there. My name is Jack Rose, all-purpose adventurer (never mind the rumors) and I was invited to this fine establishment by the proprietor. I've seen a few delightful discussions so far and I do hope to spend more time here in the future.

    I run a small blog where I hold forth on the subjects of dieselpunk and steampunk, which you may find linked beside my post.
  • Welcome to the forum Jack, I hope you'll have a great time here!
    I'll definitely check out your blog.
  • Welcome to the Forums, Sir! I'm glad you decided to join our Fine Establishment.

    I definitely recommend Gearing Up which has some pretty insightful posts up already.
  • Dear Mr. Ottens,
    Hello sir, and greeting to all! My apologies for the exorbitantly late arrival at the smoking lounge, and even so, not having enough 'Puros Indios' to pass around those present (lol)!
    Please allow an opportunity for a brief introduciton. I am Dr. Rafael Fabre, a resident of the Second Life Steampunk sim of New Babbage, and editor of the SL Steampunk blog "The Heliograph". Currently, interest in Steampunk has seen dramatic growth within SL, allowing the love of gears, steam, and brass to flourish inworld, and a profuse infusion of airships, neo-Victorian entertainment, and questionable scientific experimentation (did I say "questionable"? - I meant "necessary").
    Regardless, I look forward to visiting the smoking lounge, enjoying a 'Flor de Narva', and indulging in conversation about Steampunk!
    Dr. R. Fabre
  • Welcome to the forum Dr Fabre, I trust your time here will be of an enjoyable nature.
  • As do I, Mr Fabre, and welcome to our little club! I'm glad you chose to join us!

    Allow me to provide a link to your fine blog, "The Heliograph," which offers an extended chronicle of your Second Life adventures indeed! That "Grand Exhibition" looks quite impressive. Steampunk in SL has quite grown since last time I visited it, it seems.
  • Greetings and felicitations.

    WisconsinPlatt chiming in, another BG frequenter who has finally managed to actually create an account here.

    Nice place you have here, Ottens. Good to see some familiar names as well.
  • Sweet, another Texas homie. :D
  • Welcome indeed!

    For a resident of the fine state of Texas, you've chosen a rather unusual handle though?
  • Ottens wrote:
    Welcome indeed!

    For a resident of the fine state of Texas, you've chosen a rather unusual handle though?
    It follows me through out the Internet. :)

    "Borrowed" the name from a reoccurring character from the oft-neglected Samurai Cat series.
  • Nice avatar too, by the way! ;)
  • Twenty-six year old retail clerk from North Carolina who studies lots and lots of history. Not much else to it; I adore steampunk for various reasons (one of which being the active destruction and remaking of history, another being because I am enraptured with the idea of steam-powered zombie air-pirates). On occasion, a pseudo-anarchist sympathizer.
  • Why, I'm glad to welcome a fellow historian to our Establishment! I trust you'll find plenty here of interest to you.
  • A brief biography of myself:

    Sergeant First Class (Professor) Delphinius “Joseph Christopher” S Tucker (JC) (Her Majesty’s Royal Airship Corps)
    Born: February 14th, 1875 Wiesbaden, Hesse-Darmstadt.
    Parents: unknown.
    Education: Home taught by many tutors and teachers. Attended Oxford University double mastering in History and Religious Studies.
    *In 1885 his parents were lost in a tragic sailing accident.
    * In 1890 he added the names of Saints Joseph and Christopher to his name to protect him in his travels.
    * In 1891 he enlisted into Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s Royal Airship Corps.
    *In 1892 he attained the honorary rank of Sergeant first class at 17 years old. In this year he also completed his schooling, as per the agreement with the Corps.
    *in 1893 he was assigned to the Airship Quantum project, designed to create an airship of supreme technological ability.
    *In 1893 he also attained a patent for an object known as the Transdimensional Aetherportal.
    * In late 1893 the Airship Quantum, along with him and it’s crew, disappeared.
    * In 2007 the Airship Quantum was discovered flying towards it’s original destination, New York City, over the Atlantic Ocean. The crew was, and remains, unwilling to explain the disappearance.
    * He Is currently renewing his Bachelor’s degree in History at Radford University in southwestern Virginia in the United States of America, under the pseudonym J.C. ******. (last name removed for security purposes)
  • Welcome sir! welcome!
    Enjoy your stay here at the Smoking Lounge.
  • Welcome to those that recently arrived, I hope you shall find your time at the Lounge enjoyable.
  • Welcome to the Smoking LOunge, Professor! I'm glad you decided to join up!
  • I just realized I've been posting all over this fine forum without properly introducing myself here first! I do apologize for that!

    Now to rectify that situation..

    Greetings to you all! I'm known all over the aetherweb as akumabito. (Trivia: the word is derived from the Japanese words akuma, meaning 'demon' and hito, meaning 'man'.) The online handle has been with me since the summer of 2000 and I use it on all my online endeavors.

    Some of you people here may know me from the Brass Goggles forum, where 'the lighter side' can be fun, but ultimately gives little satisfaction because all topics I feel truly passionate about are strictly taboo.

    Fortunately, this fine forum has no qualms about injecting heavy doses of every day reality in the various discussions and topics are not banned on the premise that they might be cause for disagreements.Muy bien!

    As far as steam- and dieselpunk go, I sometimes feel I belong somewhere in between.. I prefer either very late steampunk, or quite early dieselpunk. I also like my fiction heavy on the tech and politics. Additionally, magic and the supernatural are big no-no's. They can make for entertaining movies, but I find such subjects make for disappointing stories in general.

    Well, that's about it I suppose. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just shoot :)
  • I'd already picked up on your increasing posting frequency, but I suppose I welcome from my end is in order nonetheless! ;)

    I'm glad you decided to become a member. Indeed, I find The Steampunk Forum a most agreeable place for somewhat more light-hearted steampunk discussion, yet I feel that steampunk also relates much to our own time, and discussion about it should therefore perhaps not always be shred.
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    I guess I should have introduced myself here first. Hello I am Piecraft and I come in peace :)

    I am an independent filmmaker, artist as well as researcher in many topics of interest, along with other things I do and am involved with. At the moment I have not had much of an online presence as I have been mostly busy outside of the dot matrix. However I was welcomed to join here by none other than the administrator Ottens. I used to be much more regular on online forums back in the day so hopefully I can be equally regular on here as I did enjoy communicating and sharing ideas with other people online back when it was still applicable.

    I would refer to myself being much more in tune with the dieselpunk attitude/ethos as I have a love-affair for the WW1 - WW2 period and have always enjoyed the military regalia of that period, including the atmosphere of the Roaring 20's up until the Cold War period of the 50's.

    I find that part of the 20th Century so innovative and exciting because so much happened during that period from the other exciting "turn of the century" period which is where Steampunk originates from. So it is no wonder that Dieselpunk deserved a true era in which so many interesting things were happening.

    Some of the main icons of my inspiration have been Howard Hughes, Marlon Brando, Leni Riefenstahl, Julius Evola, F.T. Marinetti (and the Futurist Art Movement), Fritz Lang to name but a few.
  • Welcome to the Smoking Lounge Sir! It's a pleasure indeed to have a fellow dieselpunkian as your self in our presence!

    On a sidenote, might you have learned that over at The Flying Fortress, dieselpunk blog, a subgenre of dieselpunk has been named after you?
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