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  • Thank you Ottens! I'm quite happy with my new title.

    QAB, I hope you are alright! Do take it easy. I'm sure we can hold the fort in the event of your temporary abscence ;)
  • I believe it is Mr Kiskolou's birthday today, if I'm not mistaken. Congratulations, Sir! :D
  • Happy birthday, kiskolou!
  • Happy (Belated) Birthday, Kiskolou!

    In good news, I seem to be doing better. I believe my eyes are now strong enough to participate in this wonderful forum again. I hope I haven't missed so very much.
  • All that's been missed is you, QAB. Welcome back! :)
  • Thank you, Ottens! That is a very sweet thing to say! I'm very happy to be back!
  • Hooray! Let us celebrate *breaks out the absinthe and calls the local house of ill repute*
  • Woo! Party Time!
  • Please don't plunder the liquor cabinet as much as the last time! I'm surprised there's still any absinthe left....
  • No promises Mr. Ottens ;)
  • Aye, I dreaded that much....

  • I believe it was FLO's birthday yesterday! With regrettable delay, I wish you happy birthday, Sir!
  • I realize that my attendance of late has still been spotty. I'm still recovering from my last failed attempt at trying a medication that instead of helping, made the pain worse.

    Additionally, my mental health has not been very good. On Wednesday, I tried to take my life. Luckily the box cutter was dull and it proved particularly painfully difficult. Thusly, I didn't get very far and don't plan to repeat the experiment.

    Sorry, I know this is probably TMI. I just wanted you all to know that I still really care about you all and this forum. I think it's the best forum on the web. That is why I want to tell you this. I not giving up. I'm still trying. I want to be here because this is a great place. I'm very sick right now, but I'm trying.

    So if I don't show up one day, please know it's not because I don't want to be here. It's because the pain defeated me that day. I've been here a long time, just a bit later our dear Ottens anyway, my visits may be not as frequent as I like; however, Trixie will still take her Vodka straight up, Grace shall keep insisting she always wear black, and I shall keep muttling through.

    Until next I see you, I tip my top hat to you all.
  • I'm very sorry to hear that you haven't been much better since, and being not in particularly ill health myself, I cannot even begin to imagine the pains you must be going through. I do trust that you shan't repeat any attempt to leave our company prematuraly, for I quite assure you, you would be greatly missed indeed!

    I applaud your attitude not to give up and urge you to keep fighting. You're strong and you know you can overcome this. And you should also know that there's still a lot of things worth fighting for, even though sometimes fatigue and despair might overtake you.

    In the meantime, we'll be thankful for each day your health allows you to spend time at our fine establishment. :)
  • Queen, I hope you know we are all here to support you. We value your prescence at the forum greatly - it just wouldn't be the same without you! Do keep "muttling through", for all of us and most importantly, for yourself.

    If you ever require somebody to talk to, feel free to message me (I have some experience with issues of mental health).
  • Thank you Ottens and Col. Hazard. Your kindness really means a lot.
  • Get better QAB. It wouldn't be the same without you.
  • I'm going to bandwagon what the other 3 lovely forum companions have said already. Don't give up!
  • The weathers are becoming almost intolerably hot over here. I blame global warming for plagueing us with such disgusting high temperatures so early in spring already!
  • It's the same here Ottens, I've been in pain because of my heat allergy for the past 2 days so today I've point blanked refused to go out.

    I do hope the weather stabilises to something bearable or I might be foreced to become a hermit O_o
    (or get a really odd bike with build in parasol or something like that).

    The weather forecasts are announcing cooler weather and rain for Thursday and Friday though.
  • I, for one, am enjoying the fair weather we are receiving here in Southern Ontario! It is mighty fine for mucking about in swamps and hiking through fields (one of the requirements of my summer research job).
  • Just last tuesday we passed the 100 degree mark for the first time this year. Now the tempurature struggles to push 80 but the humidity is so high it feels just as bad, if not worse, than dry 100s.

    Oh, and every other night is a major storm watch thanks to all the rapidly rising/falling heat and said humidity. But it won't rain. We probably won't get anything more than a freak storm or two until September. (but those freak storms are indeed freakishly strong)
  • It's actually a lot cooler here today because we've had rain.

    *looks out the window*

    Correction, we still have rain.
  • It's cooled down somewhat over here too, though no rain so far. It'll probably come over from the south later this week, I suppose.

    I'm glad I don't live in Texas, Actaeon, if only for your freakish weathers. I think I would perish in that heat and humidity. (Same goes for swamp-hiking ;) I'm not much of an excursion-person. Sometimes, people ask why I didn't pursue a study in archeology, and besides my lack of interest for the Ancients, digging about in some hot Egyptian desert is somewhere near the top of my list of "worst things to do".)
  • I attended a small history panel debate yesterday, which had Richard Griffiths, a professor at my own university specialized in social-economic and European history, a retired Dutch major-general whose now connected with a defense thinktank-institute here, and a former member of the Peace Movement who was active in the 1970s and 80s, particularly in the whole debate over whether The Netherlands should allow the U.S. to place cruise missiles on its soil.

    They debated about the use of NATO, focusing on the creation and purpose of the organization during the Cold War, as well as today. The retired major-general suggested that NATO should be able to call upon the civil resources of its member-states as well as its military resources, to better organize peace missions such as the involvement in Afghanistan today. Griffiths saw an important role for the European Union here, which, according to him, ought to work in greater cooperation with NATO. The former Peace Movement-man thought Europe too less concerned with the world outside it (which might be true, I suppose) and supported the notion that it should work in conjunction with NATO to make for more successful peace-keeping.

    They all seemed to agree with one another to a great extent, so there was less "debate" than I had anticipated. They disagreed mostly on the success and usefulness of NATO during the Cold War, not so much on its role today. But it was an interesting discussion nonetheless, and I agree that there's still a role for NATO in the world of today, especially when it allows expansion with more Eastern European and perhaps even Middle Eastern countries.
  • Just had my first exam for this semester. It went all right, I think. Or hope rather, for this was the only, required, subject I disliked. And probably the one that was most difficult too!
  • Which subject did you have an exam on?
    I hope you passed!
  • "Philosophy of history." It's basically about all kinds of different methods and approaches historians use to write history. Of course one must learn dozens of complicated terms which one never really uses in actually doing research.... :rolleyes:
  • I hear you, I got a lot of those when I studied art history.
  • You studied art history, too? :o

    (As in, besides your current education.)
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