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  • I implore you to come to Texas then, Ottens. Literally 90 degrees F one day, 50 the next. Drizzly and humid in the morning, hot enough to cook bread on the pavement by late afternoon.

    And while every winter, if you're looking outside at the right time, you'll invariably see snow drifting from the clouds, it will NEVER touch the ground. (the closest it got in my lifetime was about 5 inches, and that was the top news story) Apparently, we did have a winter wonderland some time in the 70s, but by the next day it had all melted and the snowstorm had turned everything into a muddy swamp.
  • OK, forgot about what I said about our weathers being strange. You live in a bizarre place!

    (Referring to the weathers exclusively, of course. ;))

    Oh!--and I'm also glad to see that you're still alive! :D
  • I'm a first year student in evening college myself.
    I study graphics design commercial advertising.
  • So you'll be making poster ads soon? :cool:
  • You mistake me for someone that's _good_ at illustrator and photoshop :P
    Or someone with extra time available *looks wearily at pile of schoolwork and sewing awaiting to be done*
  • Allow me to rephrase.... So you'll be making poster ads eventually? ;)

    I'm not very familiar with "graphic design", but figured that since you mentioned advertising, the making of poster ads would be part of it?
  • If eventually is the next century then yeah :P
    I'm wicked busy with school and designing pretty much all the time.

    It's more than just poster ads, but that's part of it yeah. It's basically every aspect of advertising.
  • Well if you ever get some time, I'd love to see your work (sewing projects included).
  • I've got lots of different things here on my flickr page :)
    (thank god for organisation through collections haha)

  • I'm the quality control & sanitation supervisor for an all-natural food company, which makes for some interesting days, as well as limits my professional wardrobe choices, as I never know when I'm going to be crawling around on the floor looking at the undersides of machinery, or be elbow deep into a half-ton vat of pesto or dip.
  • Sounds like one of the jobs that the Discovery channel show Dirty Jobs might cover, Mahariel!

    As for me, I've finally decided exactly what I'm doing with the rest of my education and hopefully, my life. I'm studying to become an evolutionary biologist, following the example of our dear Victorian scientist, Darwin. Ecological relations, homologous and homoplasious characters, apparent mutualisms, sexual selection and of course, lots of experiments!

    I'm currently working in the lab of one of my first year biology professors, having won a large research grant to pursue a semester of full-time lab and field work. I'm assisting two grad students in their plant studies on Impatiens and Morning Glory.
  • Sounds like one of the jobs that the Discovery channel show Dirty Jobs might cover, Mahariel!
    We've thought about calling them in to film the cleaning of the oil trap or the drain catchpans. *shudder*

    It's very much not a ladylike profession I've chosen.
  • Bumping this thread for the sake of our newer members who might be kindly persuaded to share with us what they do?

    (No, this is not just an excuse to necromance another thread!)
  • Currently studying. Previously worked in a few places, namely Parliament, on a camera crew and in a museum- all for short periods of time.
  • Studying what, if I may ask?
  • You may. ;) War Studies.
  • Interesting! Unfortunately my university offers no similar study, nor does, I believe, any other nearby university....
  • Which University, if you don't mind me asking Xeoran?
  • Kings in London old boy.
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    My first choice, same course too.
    Wasn't it King's whose union banned the military? I remember chaps on our course encouraging a facebook group to support our counterparts against the decision via facebook or something..
  • Just found this thread. I'm generally a bit on the secretive/reclusive side, but may as well say a little about what I do :)

    I'm a medical student. It's my 2nd degree, did Biomedical Sciences for my 1st, but I've always wanted to do Medicine and become a doctor :)
  • A doctor? Why, I had no idea! I thought of you as an aspiring novelist / artist / all-round intellectual, but now I esteem you even more, miss! ;)

    Now that we've necromanced this thread anyway, a little update on my attempt at a career. I've recently been admitted to two Dutch opinion and news blogs, De Dagelijkse Standaard ("The Daily Standaard"), a rather right-leaning place, and Sargasso, more left-leaning. Neither pays out, but hey, hopefully it's a start.
  • Well, since its here, I'll give it a whirl.

    I'm in my second year of school in nuclear medicine. I play guitar, ride motorcycles of various types, rock climb, and work on random bits of this and that. I'm a tinkerer, which takes up a big portion of my time just working on projects from antiques to motorcycles to survival gear.
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    I sew and design clothes and costumes and I knit scarves (because that's the only thing I can knit) and make other varied bits and pieces like props and accessories.

    I write (LARP fiction when forced and articles for the Gazette) and am part of the global Camarilla (Belgian affiliate) LARP society in which I play Vampire the Requiem and Changeling the Lost.

    And I'm in my second year of commercial advertisement (graphic design) in evening college.
  • Professionally, I work on the Internet, marketing, site-design, site optimization.

    Leisure time: Cthulhu Mythos, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Travelling, Languages and of course:

    I have a family consisting of two humans and two rats.
  • I guess it's about time to update my school/job info.

    I'm just finishing my second year in an Evolutionary Biology Specialist program at the University of Toronto. I've been working on plant/herbivore interactions, bumblebee behaviour and now plant/nitrogen fixing bacteria interactions. I'm the Secretary of my department's student union and involved with my college's Off-Campus Commission.
  • Blimey, ok, in for a penny...

    I'm currently an administrator for a university doing a wide range of things. I graduated with the doctorate last year and am doing research in my 'spare' time (ha!). I've had a lot of temp and part-time jobs in the past decade whilst I was studying, so it's a bit of a shock to go back into full time work again. I'm looking at teaching part-time again as I enjoy it. I'm also studying part-time (possibly towards another degree, but I'll see). This all makes me sound really old, but I guess I've crammed a lot into a short time. :P
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