Since some of you (*cough* ;)) have no avatars yet/still, I figured I'd "avatarize" some pictures from both our Galleries as well as The Secret Archives! Feel free to use them......

f_avatar1m_145eaad.jpg f_avatar2m_f4af2f1.jpg f_avatar3m_fd2ed19.jpg

f_avatar4m_160c8a7.jpg f_avatar5m_f3df592.jpg f_avatar6m_8d03b41.jpg

f_avatar7m_b351ea1.jpg f_avatar8m_b0e794c.jpg f_avatar9m_b5eb197.jpg

f_avatar12m_83d5281.jpg f_avatar11m_515a790.jpg


  • The forum doesn't allow uploading, the files are too big.
  • Oops. I saved the files in the wrong format. They should be able to upload now. Thanks for pointing it out!
  • No problem =D
  • Three more:

    30606977ry0.png 44280873cj6.png 38530860zk7.png
  • I have made some avatars that may also be appropriate.
    *adds note to growing list of pictures to upload*
  • Necromancing this thread to remind.... certain (i.e.: avatar-less ;)) members to get a little image beneath their username. Feel free to pick one of those on display here!
  • ...the 10kb limit is a bit troublesome. Most pictures in JPEG format will be between 15 and 25kb. And that's with the quality setting dialed down to ZERO.

    I borrowed one of yours, but I don't really like it. By the way, the last three you posted were all 20kb+ in size.
  • I thought I'd already raised the maximum allowed size limit?


    Oh--apparently I had neglected to do... Well, avatars up to 25kb or so can now be uploaded. :)
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    I did a big posting of steamy icons awhile back - folks are welcome to pick them up if they suit.
  • Three more:

    av1yc7.png av2jy1.png av3jt9.png
  • Some more--feel free to use 'em:

    albinoavlg4.png av2su3.png batmanavkj2.png

    gentlemanavme9.png hellboyaviz0.png
  • Made an avatar from an old pulp magazine cover:

  • Some more...

    av1fd5.png av2gk5.jpg av3eu3.jpg

    av4hl8.jpg av6wv4.png av7dj0.jpg
  • Cool additions :)
  • Ottens wrote:
    Who's that in the avatar?

    May I use any of the avatars posted in this topic at my forum, Ottens?
  • I doubt the image depicts in actual person, though I can only point you at the website where it's from: Dr Grordbort's.

    By all means, feel free to share these with your own forumites! ;)

    And, of course, welcome to the Smoking Lounge, sir!
  • Just the one from me.

  • Necromancing this thread to share a couple more avatars for the membership to use!

    9719050 9719050

    11832356 10901184
  • 2943437705_6339def2dd_o.jpg




    Vintage Halloween

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    I absolutely love these two, HildeKitten. Thanks for posting them!
  • You're very welcome Sean :)
  • These avatars are really great :) I wish I had some skill in creating such things...
  • New one:

  • And another one:

  • Quite nice, Ottens!
  • Ladies' only:
    From 1941 US Navy poster by George Petty
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