• I got an email from her on Thursday, so she's still alive, wandering this world like a lost soul...

    ...or probably just has some real life issues to handle at the moment...

    ...or has some bad internet problems...

    Though I like my lost soul theory.
  • It has a certain elegance that the other options lack.
  • I'll leave her a note to make sure that from her wandering the Aethernet, she'll be able to find her way back here again some time soon.
  • *Waves Hand Enthusiastically* I'm back! I'm back! I'm sorry for being gone so long! I really missed this place!

    While you produced many good theories, which were entertaining to read, it was my health problems that kept me away. My recent bought will some bacterial illness combined with my ever-present health condition made my eyes too weak to read much, despite my best efforts.

    I really missed this place and it very nice to know that I was missed. It gives me warm fuzzies inside.

    I shall now endeavor to look over everything I missed. It seems I missed an awful lot! (What are these strange symbols?) I also plan to resume my role in the RPGs in which I participate, once I manage to read all that I missed that is!
  • We're glad to have you back with us! And glad also that you're no longer so ill. :)

    There's been some little changes in your absence, but nothing major. The symbols below some people's post are part of a Medal System Mr JD and myself came up with--actually it was JD who came up with the system and it's JD takes care of it all by himself. What I've been up to in the meantime, you ask? Err.. Oh!--I've renamed the Astounding Tales board; it's now called The Emporium! ;)

    You'll notice some new posts in the RPGs of course. I've started a new scenario for Uchronia in which my ambassador to Japan anxiously awaits an audience with your Empress, and in Doomsday we failed to locate the Doomsday Device, but instead spotted Mr Edison!

    Finally, this recent post at The Gatehouse might be of interest to you: a poster of a Pittsburgh tram!
  • Thank you for taking me up to date Mr. Ottens! I really appreciate it! :) I never fail to be amazed at the kindness of the people in this forum, it's very touching to feel so welcome.

    I shall hightail it over to the RPGs as soon as possible. I do hate to keep our Dutch allies waiting. ;)
  • Ah, so good to see you back at the forums, Queen. There certainly seemed to be something missing from them in your abscence.
  • Thank you! That is so very nice of you to say!
  • I'm just posting to assure everyone I haven't left again. I've just been devoting myself heart, body and soul to three things lately.

    Body: Work. It's not a day on the job unless I suffer one injury or another. Last friday I cut open my left ring finger. Sunday I lacerated the tip of my thumb and it didn't stop bleeding for almost an hour.

    Heart: Y'know that "steampunk galactica" thread I started back in both the startling stories and emporium? I think I've become a bit obsessed over the idea and have written more in a few weeks than I did on "The Hand of Sorrow" in months.

    Soul: I just purchased "Kane's Wrath", the expansion pack for Command and Conquer 3. I've been with the CnC franchise from day 1 and I won't stop regularly playing until I've seen every aspect of the game. These are the only games I try to do more than story requirements and just plain ol' fun.

    So yeah, the internet's on the backburner until one of these three things drops away. (God I hope it's work...)
  • Well, I'm very glad indeed that you've been writing a lot lately! Please do allow us a peek at your "steampunk galactica" universe every once in a while! ;)

    As for CnC, I don't believe any good video game was made since Red Alert 2 -- except for Morrowind -- so I'm curious whether the fine folk at Westwood (if that's still the company making the CnC series?) succeeded at adding another fine installment to their series?
  • Sorry for the unannounced abscence lately. I've been rather busy with work and social events. Now I am going to announce further abscence. For the weekend, I will be attending the Anime North convention. After that, I will be spending three days out of the city doing field work for my summer job. Unfortunately, this means I will not be able to spend time with all of you lovely folks. See you all again on Thursday!
  • If you'll have me back, ladies and gentlemen, I'll gladly return. Exams and the other, rather unsavoury business which forced my absence are now over with :)
  • :D

    Welcome back!
  • Hey welcome back!
  • Good to have you back, Steiner. And good to be back, myself!
  • Indeed! We're glad to have you both back with us.

    Now we only need QAB and J.D. back and we're complete again ;)
  • I'm off to Paris early in the Monday morning but I'll probably not be online today anymore, so I'll see you all Thursday again!

    (I've given the Colonel orders to keep an eye out on you all, so stay cleared of the liquor cabinet this time, will you? ;))
  • edited June 2008
    Just giving everybody a heads up; I might disappear off the radar for a while starting July 1st. I have to travel to bangkok to arrange a visa for my wife. We are flying back to Europe on either the 7th or the 10th of July. I am not sure what I will do from the first till then, nor am I sure if I will have much internet access in that time.

    It should be fine considering I'll be taking my laptop with me, but just in case I do disappear for a bit; no need to send out search parties, m'kay?

    By the by, it's "absences", not "abscences" ;)
  • Fixed the typo. Thanks for pointing it out ;)
  • Back from Paris now! :D

    I'm not sure I really have time to check everything new out right now, but I'll get back in swing tomorrow I'm sure.
  • Not that I'm here all that much to begin with, but I'll be heading out on vacation tomorrow evening, visiting New Orleans for the first time since the turn of the Millennium, back on July 7th.
  • Have a good trip! (And I hope that upon your return, you might occasionally find a little more to stop by here? ;))

    Might anyone have heard from QAB lately? I sent her an email a while ago, but haven't received a reply yet. Also, she hasn't posted to her facebook recently, which makes me fear that her illness might have worsened lately... :(
  • I was thinking about her the other day, but no, I've not heard from her either.
    I sure hope she's ok!
  • Ok kids, this is it.. I'm going to disappear for a few days. My backpack's packed, got my ticket in hand and can't wait to be back. Just going out today to do some last-minute shopping and disconnect my phone.

    I'll see you guys on the other side!

    (probably the 11th)

    Cheers guys!
  • Have a good journey!
  • Safe trip and bon voyage!
  • Enjoy yourself akumabito!

    I have not heard from QAB, either. I do hope her illness is not giving her too much trouble :(

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I'll be out at the field station for another three days and therefore without internet. I shall return to The Smoking Lounge on Friday or Saturday.
  • Have a good trip! (And I hope that upon your return, you might occasionally find a little more to stop by here?
    I'm spreading myself awfully thin on the internet lately, it seems, with too many places to be - I'm trying to be more active in promoting my marketable skills, with a proportional sacrifice of personal online playtime. The joys of attempting to be a responsible adult! :/
  • The Aku is back again!
  • Welcome back! I trust you had a pleasant flight?
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