Deco Railway Poster


Mr Don Henderson from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania presents this handsome poster of the old Pittsburgh Railway Company which, since 1936, operated a series of trams that were beautifully streamlined in art deco grace, comfortable, fast, and soon their pleasant rumble and clanging bells had become intricate part of Pittsburgh life.

Mr Henderson has more deco posters such as the one here on display in his Profile.


  • This is a wonderful poster! They have one of those trolleys on display at the H.J. Heinz Historical Center (aka local history museum) in our city. I've always loved the look of it but it never crossed my mind that it could be considered Deco. I suppose it is one of those things you are so familiar with you don't take the time to consider it is usual in some way.

    Regardless this makes me very happy. :)

    I have a book full of vintage images of Pittsburgh. I really should post some.
  • If you could, please do! Especially when there's photographs with these lovely deco trams on them ;)
  • Hehe! Upon looking at his profile, I noticed that he took the original image at the Historical Center! I nailed that one! ;)

    Go me!
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