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  • A masterful work that reminds you that the movers and shakers on the historical stage are, infuriatingly, still all too human. It is long and dense but absolutely worth it.

  • My complaint with the Mars Trilogy was that the same characters just stuck around for centuries. I think the method Robinson used in 'The Years of Rice and Salt' was more effective, because even though you were following the same cast through the entire book, the reincarnation conceit allowed the characters to have their views and on and responses to specific issues change over time and in different contexts.

  • I recently read Ralph Peters' Red Army, which is as good as the reviews say it is.

    Now reading Paul Kennedy's The Rise and Fall of Great Powers.

  • 100% agree on 'Red Army' being great. I'm currently reading Nick Herbert's 'Quantum Reality' after seeing it mentioned somewhere.

  • I've started on Rick Perlstein's four-part history of American conservatism in the 20th century, starting with Before the Storm, which is centered on Barry Goldwater. So far, so good. Well written, almost a bit like a novel.

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