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Here are a few recent stories at my website about the production of Star Trek, Forgotten Trek, that you may be interested in:

  • "Sexism in Star Trek" and "Sexism and Gender Roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation": The first one in particular got quite a few comments, including on social media, from fans who disagreed with my take. Both involved more research than I usually do for a story, and I think I've been fair and balanced (to borrow a phrase). It shouldn't be shocking that shows produced in the 60s and 80s might have some issues that would be tackled differently today. That's not to say they were bad, or that the people who made them were evil.
  • "Creating Lieutenant Ilia" and "Creating Counselor Troi": It's no coincidence these characters are similar. Troi was based on Ilia, but obviously developed much further.
  • "Creating the Federation": From early mentions in TOS to the enormous challenges DS9 would throw at it.
  • "The Star Trek VI That Wasn't": Replacing Kirk and crew with younger actors.
  • "The Unseen Enterprise-D": This remains one of the best-read articles on the site to this day. Clearly there's a lot of interest in exploring those parts of the ship that weren't revealed on screen, and it's a shame the studio shut down a fan project that did just that.


  • You know I do love me some Trek, but as you also know: we're into completely different Star Trek franchises (Discovery for the win!).

  • Yeah, Discovery is just too unlike the old Trek I like. I wasn't a fan of the J.J. Abrams movies either.

    I'm becoming one of those curmudgeons who doesn't like anything new!

  • I really like the first of the reboot movies. I liked it when it first came out, and I still like it.

    I wasn't wild about the second one. Sure, it was alright, but I didn't like it nearly as much as the first one.

    The 3rd one, that I really did not like. That wasn't Star Trek, that was Fast and the Furious in space. Urgh.

    Even though I liked the first one a lot, I do feel like the entire reboot franchise shouldn't have happened just because the 2nd was just another mediocre sci-fi action movie and the 3rd one was utter rubbish. Either that or they should have just stuck with the first one.

  • edited April 2021

    Forgotten Trek has been getting a lot of visitors in the last few months! My story about Robert Fletcher's redesign of the Starfleet uniforms for Star Trek II was linked by Heavy. The "Unseen Enterprise-D" article has been consistently popular since it went up. Maybe that has something to do with the Picard series?

    In any event - grateful for all the page views, and happy to know people are still interested in the website so many years after starting it.

  • Mike Poteet of Redshirts Always Die has gone an awesome profile of Forgotten Trek:

    Spotlighting and celebrating the work of the concept artists, model makers, visual effects and makeup artists, and other behind-the-scenes creatives who brought Star Trek from The Original Series through Voyager to life, Forgotten Trek is like that museum you’ve always wanted to visit. It’s full of one fascinating “exhibit” after another, revealing and reveling in the innovative craft and art that brought the 23rd and 24th centuries to the screen.

    Click here to read the rest.

  • I've given Forgotten Trek a facelift for the new year. Back to the black-and-yellow color scheme of the past.

    Click here to read the site's history.

    Also found several additional concept arts by Andrew Probert for the Enterprise-D bridge, which I added to the relevant article.

  • New content at Forgotten Trek:

  • New: Designing the Romulan Warbird

    Updated Designing the Next Generation Bridge with more concept art and a quote from Andrew Probert.

  • Big update at Forgotten Trek: after using Wordpress for 10 years, I've converted the whole site back to HTML.

    Wordpress has become too clunky, especially for a website that doesn’t require frequent updates. I never got used to the “Gutenberg” bloc editor and it inserts a lot of superfluous code, which slows the website down. Clean and simple HTML gets rid of everything I don’t need and should load much faster even on slow connections.

    Writing about lost and forgotten Star Trek fansites also made think about the survivability of my own. HTML is easier to capture for the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. It doesn’t require regular software updates. A Worpress blog could become dangerously outdated if its owner ever disappeared. (No worries - I'm not planning to. But you never know.)

    Speaking of lost and forgotten fansites, I added entries on several in the last month: Computer Core DumpCopernicus Ship YardsSpike’s Star Trek SiteStar Trek NexusStrange FascinationIzan Home PageLCARS Computer Network and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    I'm hoping to be able to publish several new stories in the coming months, including about the creation of Data, the Klingons, the Romulans and Starfleet, as well an essay about the Federation.

    If you spot any errors, typos, or find links that don't work, please let me know!

  • New: Creating the Klingons. How they evolved from unscrupulous villains into honorable allies of the Federation.

  • New story: Writing The Next Generation. From the chaos of Season 1 to the writers running out of ideas in Season 7.

  • A new essay: Starfleet Is Too Powerful

    Also some significant updates to:

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