1960's boomer memes

Ok I wasn't sure whether or not to put this one in diesel, atomic or in steam because it falls right on that line. So I'm an electronics guy, and in my readings I learned that at various times from the 1890's through the 1920's various semiconductor effects were noticed and even used commercially, most notably the crystal diode. LEDs were discovered though not commercialized and at various points radio amateurs fooling around with crystals made their own point contact transistors for amplification. This is almost 30 years before Bell Labs. Being amateurs, they didn't understand really why these devices worked or even if they were commercially viable. They were just a neat trick to show off at the local radio club. But what if the commercial potential of these devices were realized in say, 1920 or so. By the end of the decade, you would have a transistor industry riding the home radio boom, and into the 30's. Let's be conservative and say that integrated circuits are developed by the end of the 30's. WW2 would lead to a massive boom for the industry, with digital computers being built with integrated circuits. Possibly multiprocessors would come out of wartime research. World War two with 1960's era electronics. By the 1960's themselves you might have an early internet, and by the 70's or 80's you'd be well into the equivalent of Web2.0 territory. Of course other advances like Li-ion batteries were still in the future so cell phones as we know them wouldn't exist until later, but what would be the general outline of the computer age with boomers in their 20's posting online?


  • This sounds like "cassette futurism", which some consider separate from atompunk:

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