Brass Goggles

Is anyone able to reach Brass Goggles?

I understand from the people at Spare Goggles that some are able to reach the forum, depending on their location. For me, it's been down for months.

No word on the official Twitter account either.


  • At a quick glance, it seems to be operational. I don't have an account and I'm not really interested in going on there, so I just had a peek but it looks operational. Whether it is, is another story altogether of course.

  • So weird. So it's accessible from Belgium, but not from Spain. How does that happen?

  • Not a member, but I can see the forum just fine from Australia and it certainly has recent discussion. Maybe try accessing it via a VPN or something which doesn't show you're from Spain?

  • Visible from Israel and quite active. Not a member, sorry

  • Since moving back to the Netherlands, I've been able to access Brass Goggles again.

    Apparently they're in a bit of an upheaval as they're looking for a new admin.

    In the same thread, J. Wilhelm is continuing his odd vendetta with me. Earlier he accused me of "attacking" steampunk when I argued against its politicization. We had what I thought was a fair and fruitful discussion in The Steampunk Forum, but apparently he was not persuaded. Now he claims I'm waging "a relentless campaign to malign steampunk as a movement" by - wait for it - occasionally promoting old article on Twitter!

    Why is he doing that? Well, my guess is that he's deriving some advantage from the controversy somehow.

    I'm always a little amused, and a little disappointed, when people make insinuations like these. Never Was is, always has been, and always will be, a volunteer effort, completely free to read. I must have devoted hundreds of hours to it in the last 15 years - because it's fun, and because I care about steampunk and dieselpunk. That's why I write. Not to malign anyone, or to make money from it. Disagree all you want - I welcome the debate. But you shouldn't make assumptions about people's motives when you don't even know them.

  • ^^

    We had the same challenge on the legendary forum back in the days. There seem to be a repeated pattern of behavior as new subcultures grow and mature, as some people will try to position themselves above others.

  • Brass Goggles has been down again.

    It's worth reminding people Spare Goggles exists. I understand they have reactivated registrations.

  • It appears to be down again. Judging from the discussions in Spare Goggles, I'm not the only one who can't access the forum either.

  • Some discussion going on over at Spare Goggles about the possibility of starting a new community.

  • I Haven't given up on BG yet, but I've restarted an HMAS Marigold story based around the BG Portrayal-based RP, on Spare Goggles. Not necessarily trying to promote SG, but I need to keep my current re-sparked interest in writing going, sooo...

  • Thanks for stopping by here, @MWB! And we should all promote Spare Goggles while Brass Goggles is down.

    Did I mention Spare Goggles? 😁

  • Could it be a geographical issue?

    On the Brass Goggles Facebook group, somebody seems to suggest the site is still up in the US. Is that true?

    I had this problem when I lived in Spain - Brass Goggles was, for some reason, inaccessible from there. I had been able to access it from the Netherlands, though, until a few days ago, and from the posts on Spare Goggles it looks like I'm not the only one.

    edited January 8

    Might be for the best; I had gotten to the point where Steam London and my spinoff stories from it were eating my brain and my creative effort. Now I can proceed to let a spinoff character and HMAS Marigold eat my brain for a while (lol).

    Have to see... (lol)

  • The latest I read on Spare Goggles is that using a VPN makes no difference. It looks like Brass Goggles really is down everywhere - forum and blog.

  • Brass Goggles is back! For now...

    No explanation yet on what caused it to go dark for several weeks.

  • What's worse is there is no word from Proteus so we have no real way to proceed with much needed proepr migrations of accounts and data. So there is a rather.... uneasy mood where nobody wants to touch anything lest the whole house goes crashing back down.

  • It's odd that the forum just reappeared without notice.

    I'm also a little disheartened, honestly, that all the talk of building a new community went out of the window the moment Brass Goggles returned.

  • Similar feelings. I see Brass Goggles as a terminally ill patient that is having a late stage rally. This isn't where we come back. This is where we go to say goodbye and use this rally to preserve what can be, and designate a successor. Here, spare goggles, wherever.

  • I was a lurker and very occasional poster on BG and recently became aware that a collapse was looming. I had often lurked here but decided to take the plunge and make an account, if you'll have me in your lounge.

    Humbly, John Zybourne

  • Welcome to the club, @JohnZybourne!

    I see there are now solid efforts going on to create a "Brass Goggles 2.0", which is good. I hope it succeeds, and will be happy to promote it once it's online. Maybe it will even kick-start a revival of the message board. I see Facebork, erm, "Meta", just posted a huge loss, because investors are starting to see it's no longer popular with the kids. Imagine if all those steam- and dieselpunk and alternate-history groups migrated from Facebook to self-hosted communities. Instead of "the" steampunk forum, we could have a dozen, each with different cultures, characters, areas of focus... One can hope.

  • See this is why I like the posting as being better served as a hub rather than a singular monolithic community. Sure it would have its own community that likely will take preeminence but at the same time? I feel that is far more nonsensical.

  • @Lazaras @Ottens Thank you for the welcome! I've done some exploring of the ancient (late 2000's) threads on Brass Goggles and there seemed to be a lot of links and refrences to now long dead livejournal blogs and other forums and websites. It would be interesting to try and recreate that sort of fun free wheeling scene these days.

  • I wrote a story in 2018 about old steampunk websites you may like: here

  • Some improvement: there's a new admin, von Corax, so Brass Goggles is no longer dependent on proteus, who hasn't been heard from in ages. But the new leadership still doesn't have access to the domain, so they may move to

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