Star Trek: Lower Decks

I hadn't given Locker Decks a chance until now, because the original trailer made it look so silly. Fortunately it seems they put all the worst jokes in the trailer. I like how the series pokes fun at Star Trek clichés while respecting its history and traditions.

Indeed, the TNG style and ethos make this feel more "Trek" to me than anything that's been produced in the last twenty years.


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    In agreement here. I have friends who think that it's mean spirited trying ot tear treck down but... I have to disagree.

    To me Discovery and Picard had done everything they could to tear trek down (especially picard.)

    There is a sense of fun here. A sense of self awareness. Yet at the same time they play to the strengths of what trek is and make characters that feel RIGHT for the franchise.

    Moreover. It is ultimately hopeful. And that is what we need. Hope that there will be something better and that the current climate of division and fear and 'i don't like you because your'e team blue' 'well team red isn't allowed to liek what i like!' just...

    I like it.

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