• Both dieselpunk and steampunk, I think. I've written about some of the reasons -- the politicization, the cancel culture -- but I suspect the "Facebookization" hasn't helped either. You get more conflict and less creativity.

    And maybe just the natural ups and downs of any subculture or style or movement. If we got another popular steam- or dieselpunk movie or book or drama series, we could suddenly see an influx of people.

  • Apropos that second point, I've wondered if this--though just slightly on the early, c1916 side of the DP equation--might fire precisely that sort of influx.

  • Can't say I'm a huge fan of the King's Man franchise, but hey - if it brings people to steampunk, I will not complain 😀

  • Per Nick's "New Look for the Never Was Lounge" post: I'm Chris, music history professor and ensemble leader at Texas Tech University. Interested in using alternate history (especially within "long 20th century") as a tool for pedagogy and creativity. Ensemble website at Glad to be here.

  • As the username suggests I'm Lazaras from the BrassGoggles forum. fancied myself as a writer and I've more ended up as a caretaker for special needs siblings and have been at loose ends most of my life.

    Basically I'm here because even though BG is, for the moment, back. Who knows when it will go back down or why it even came back in the first place.

  • Welcome to our little refuge, @Lazaras! It's good to see you here.

  • edited February 4

    Yes well. While Brass Goggles seems to have rallied, we have no clue how longthat will last.

    Here is as good as anywhere to hang my hat and try untwining all the neurosis and other stumbles keeping me from doing the things I want.

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