If Star Wars had looked like Ralph McQuarrie's concept art

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Few people had such a big impact on the look of Star Wars as Ralph McQuarrie. He designed everything from Darth Vader to the planet Tatooine.

But his original concept arts were a bit more retro-futuristic than the final versions. Here's how the film might have looked if McQuarrie's designs had been implemented exactly:


  • I am pretty sure I would have enjoyed Star Wars just as much if it had looked like that!

  • Brilliant! I love McQuarrie's designs! Great to see how some get used later though, like 'Zeb' from Star Wars Rebels!

  • Interesting.

    I could go full internet dudebro and rip the thing apart for its flaws, but instead.... Look I only sorta knew about the original concept art and 'HUH.... I would actually have liked a movie that looks like that.'

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