Perry Mason miniseries

Thanks to @Larry for posting this on his blog, it's how I found out: HBO is making a Perry Mason miniseries, starring Matthew Rhys (of The Americans).

I must have read at least two dozen of Erle Stanley Gardner's novels, so I'm very excited about this!


  • I know this is a late reply, but I watched all of the first season. Purists will hate it for the language because it's too modern and profane. Some appreciated the social awareness of the woke culture embedded into the narrative like the gay characters of Della and Hamilton Burger along with a black Paul Drake, but not at the expense of an emasculated Perry Mason.

    Also, Perry's transition from a seedy blackmailing PI to a lawyer for the wronged is unbelievably short.

    The period set is wonderful however.

  • No such thing as a "too late" response here! That's one of the advantages of a message board over social media: discussions don't become outdated here after one or two days.

    I didn't see the 60s TV show, so I don't know how Della was portrayed there, but I don't remember the novels ever mentioning her being in a relationship, so her being gay seems like an elegant way to make the cast more modern to me.

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