What a BioShock movie would have been like

A film adaptation of BioShock (in)famously never happened.

Scott Wampler got to read a copy of the script and reports what could have been. He calls it a "helluva" script. I'm not sure. From what he describes, the plot would have largely followed that of the first game -- with a lot of violence. Who wants to sit through a 1.5-hour movie version of a video game?

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  • I have never played Bioshock, but I have always found the graphic design of it appealing.

    So I guess that for people like me, a movie could be good. I just hope it'll be good, because video game to movie adaptations are rather hit or miss. Generally miss. Maybe it's for the best there isn't a Bioshock movie.

  • I read the book based off of the video game, it was pretty good. I, like Hilde, found the design cool. I would love to see it made into a movie.

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