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  • I'm Nick Ottens, owner of Never Was Magazine, which is the successor to the diesel- and steampunk website The Gatehouse, which in turn was the successor to a personal steampunk website I started in 2005. (You can read the whole history here.)

    I also edited the printable magazine Gatehouse Gazette (2008-12) and managed the Smoking Lounge community, the archive of which has been folded into this community.

    Outside alternate history, my interests include politics and Star Trek. I blog about the first at Atlantic Sentinel and write about the second at Forgotten Trek.

    I'm Dutch, but I've been living abroad for the last few years, first in the New York, now in Barcelona, Spain. I occasionally write about Catalan and Spanish politics for the NRC newspaper in the Netherlands, the Atlantic Council's New Atlanticist blog and World Politics Review. If you're interested, you can find links and writing samples on my personal homepage.

    In my day job, I'm an online community manager for an American nonprofit.

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    Hi, I'm Jon, known as Grey Wolf most places. I have a couple of publishing marques (Wolfian Press Publications and Purple Unicorn Media) and published AHF Magazine, issue 11 of which is attempting to squeeze itself out right now. The magazine's details can be found here.

    Outside of publishing, I recently rediscovered how to write, and my story "The Shifting Sands" is being serialised at AnotHer place.

    I do some gardening work to earn my day money, used to be a lot but something strange seems to have happened to the world...

    I also own the Alternate History Fiction website,, which, when I have time to update it, aims at being a free to include database of writers in the genre.

    Outside of work or AH, I have finally got round to watching Voyager properly now, and am rather enjoying it. Maybe it got better with age?

    ... Bollox, I can't work out how to make my links clickable. I can see how it is supposed to work but it doesn't seem to.

  • Welcome, @Grey_Wolf! Happy to have you here.

    I added some links to your comment. While in draft, select the part of the text you want to insert a link into. A menu should pop up with a few options, one of which is to insert a link. Copy the URL and press enter.

    If it doesn't work, please let me know which browser you're using. Could be a browser-related bug, in which case I'll investigate!

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    Hi, I'm Hilde, I've been around since the Smoking Lounge and am one of the contributors to Neverwas Magazine. I mostly write reviews but from time to time I delve into something else.

    I also run the pop culture and Japanese culture magazine BCM (which IS coming back this year, if this covid19 madness ever ends at least).

    I used to write fashion articles for the Gatehouse Gazette, but nowadays my looks are mostly on my instagram (@kittensandsteam) and my own blog (

  • Hello lovely people! :-) I'm Kristina, aka auralynne, Neo-Victorian fantasy fashion designer. I say Neo-Victorian instead of Steampunk because although my stuff is definitely Victorian inspired - it's quite my own take on Steampunk! And I create a lot of blends of fantasy and Victorian too.

    I'm only recently part of the Steampunk community - I discovered what Steampunk actually was in 2013. Before that I thought I'd have to dress in monotone brown/ivory and glue gears all over everything I make if I wanted to be a Steampunk! lol.

    Photos of the things I make can be found on my website here:

    These days thanks to Covid (I have two kids, one with special needs) I'd say my day job is a teacher. :-P But pre-pandemic, my costume-making business kept me busy most of the year (particularly during Halloween.) And I'm hoping it picks back up once things are no longer crazy!

  • Hello, I'm Eli, hanging up with Steampunk/Dieselpunk crowd since c. 2007. Not much activity in the last eight years although.

    History buff with a soft spot for aviation, alternate history, Noir, vintage photographs, classic cars and fountain pens. The latter are quite real, have about 80 of them.

    In my real life I'm a news editor. It's not fun, to say the least.

    Father of one, grandfather of three.

    Nice to meet you all.

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    @lord_k you might like Lana's Victorian Gallery on instagram in that case! :)

  • @lord_k you're way ahead of me then, I only recently stumbled upon it via the suggestions thread :)

    Better late than never!

  • Well hello there, everyone! I'm Amanda, but would be better known in the steampunk scene among the old guard as Col. Adrianna Hazard, though it's been years since I've been very active in it, now. Was always interested in alternate history and sci-fi, but got particularly into steampunk in the early to mid-2000s as the "second wave" (if that's how we're still calling it?) was just starting to rev up, and was active through the peak years in the late 2000s to early 2010s.

    During that time I co-founded the Toronto Steampunk Society and served as its President for five years of good times before handing off the reins to the rest of the steering committee we'd assembled by that point. It's still running and holding events to this day, which is nice to see, though there is less of a presence at conventions than back in the day of peak popularity. I was also a regular on the Brass Goggles forums for a while, and the Smoking Lounge for a while after that.

    An erstwhile graduate student in evolutionary ecology, I worked as a freelance copy writer/editor and a salesperson of vintage-inspired fashion for a time, and have now moved into a field vaguely adjacent to my studies. I'm currently an environmental technician/junior project management staff working in erosion risk management. Outside of work I enjoy playing video games, spending time with my partner and my pet snake, reading too much fan fiction, and occasionally still going out swing dancing, though it's been a number of years since I did that with regularity, as well.

    No links or self-promotion to do here, as nothing I put online really has much to do with steampunk, alternate history, or retro futurism any more (it's mostly gay sci-fi fanfic in recent years, to be honest). However, I am excited to see the new enthusiasm for rekindling the alternate history discussion board scene!

  • I live in Bergen, Norway. There's no specific steam/diesel/atompunk scene here, but many artists whose works could probably be defined into those genres.

    Most of my professional work has been related to architecture and/or carpentry. I've also had some paid jobs as a musician and sound engineer. Nowadays I work as a technician in an art gallery,

    I'm one of the main collaborators in the Acanthus project: (scroll down for english text), mapping acanthus ornaments on buildings in Bergen.

    On request I sometimes do guided tours of the historical city of Bergen, with pub stops along the route.

  • Thank you all for joining, @sizteves, @ColonelHazard, @Hilde, @lord_k and @auralynne! Happy to see some new and familiar faces here.

    If you want to mention someone in a discussion, like I just mentioned all of you, type an "@" and then the first letters of their username.

  • Hi, I'm from Queensland, Australia. I'm an aspiring writer, and have self-published one novel 'The Green Wave - An Australian colonial steampunk story'. I'm working on a sequel. I also have a background in art and photography.

    I haven't been out to any steampunk events but do have an outfit for when the time comes. I love brass, leather, straps and buckles. Mostly when I'm not writing I do gardening - creating a native garden to attract the local bird life.

    I've had an interest in airships and flying from when I was only three feet high. My imagination was captured by a book called 'The Ship That Flew' by Hilda Lewis. Going for an airship ride is on my bucket list.

    I also have an interest in history, particularly Australian colonial history, but also ancient history and history generally and write non-fiction articles for my web site.

  • Hi, I'm Brian AKA 'Clank', from the UK. I'm an artist and electronic music producer. I've always loved machines, especially older 'nuts & bolts, cogs & gears' type technology and have been designing and 3D modelling such things before I'd even heard of steampunk or dieselpunk. ?Have a look at my site: 'Aloft Studios' where amongst other things is my latest release 'Paracosmix 1', a hybrid artbook and album. Great to meet you all. Cheers

  • Welcome, @Cassandra and @Clank! Glad to have you with us!

  • I merely seek people who share my love of plausible alternative history. I am an am earnest and genuine person who want sincere socialization with no games or manipulation. Please contact me if you fit my qualifications.

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    I'm Diana Peterson, from the Seattle area in the USA - Minerva Steele is a name for one of my Steampunk incarnations. I have a history background, though I stopped working in that field back in the first recession. Stupid capitalism. So I bring a lot of era awareness to my costumes and builds, but have absolutely no expectation of anyone else adhering to history beyond their own preferences.

    I also have a strong art background and especially enjoy metalsmithing when it comes to incorporating art into Steampunk.

    At events I tend to be known for era-strong costuming, themed cocktails and high end absinthe, and dancing tango or charleston in creative but happily amateur ways.

  • You're most welcome, @MinervaSteele !

  • Hi everyone! My name is John Paul Catton, and I'm a writer of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and a few other Punks as well. My novels are published through Excalibur Books and I'm building up my library of books, comic books, DVDs, CDs and records related to Alternative History. I'm a huge fan of the articles published in Neverwas magazine and I had one of my books reviewed by this site's Scott A. Kincade. Nice to meet you all!

  • Thank you for joining, @MinervaSteele and @jpcatton! It's great to have you with us!

  • I just wanted to drop a line to say hi :)

    Retrofuturisms have been a great source of inspiration for the creative endeavours of the Decimononic team since its inception, so it's good to be hear... thrilled to join the conversation!

  • It's good to see you here, @jfa! Thank you for joining.

  • Hi, I'm Karen Garvin and my interest in Steampunk goes way back -- long before I even knew what it was I was into Jules Verne and nineteenth-century technology. I have a master's degree in history (specializing in the Victorian Era, of course!). My first novel is Seacombe Island and I have a second one (or two, or three) in the works. I work as a copyeditor for a nonprofit think tank and I'm an author and part owner of Corrugated Sky Publishing, LLC. We do take submissions (hint, hint). I also write a blog, Focal Plane), where I tend to focus on writing and photography. I'm not sure why I haven't written history for the blog, but what can I say? I write history for encyclopedia articles so I guess that's my outlet for now.

  • Thank you for joining us, @KGarvin! It's good to see you here.

  • I'm Coiler, a member of Sea Lion Press who first heard of this site when they announced their partnership.

    Apart from alternate history, I like all kinds of fiction and have a blog, Fuldapocalypse Fiction, that started off focused on Red Storm Rising-style conventional World War IIIs but has since become a general review blog.

  • Welcome to the Never Was Lounge, @Coiler!

  • I'm Jared, and like @Coiler I am a member of the Sea Lion Press forum and first heard about the forum here with the recent partnership announcement.

    I've long had an interest in alternate history. As well as reading a lot of print AH, I've been active in several online AH forums over the years. I've written various online alternate histories in those forums. The longest of those is Decades of Darkness, which is a look at a United States where the worst aspects of the American Revolution come to the fore (think expansionistic and maintain slavery for much longer). Another one I've written is Lands of Red and Gold, which is a scenario where a different plant evolves in ancient Australia, leading to the development of a new form of agriculture and a much higher population. The cultures there develop largely independently from the rest of the world until the first contact with Dutch traders in the seventeenth century.

    I've also started publishing some of my scenarios via Sea Lion Press. I'm revising and expanding the Lands of Red and Gold series into novel form (the first volume is called Walking Through Dreams), and have also contributed AH short stories to a number of Sea Lion Press anthologies. I'm also editing an anthology of short stories about alternate Australias (submissions on that close at the end of the month).

    I've only started reading steampunk recently, having tried Simon Brading's Misfit Squadron novels and liked them. I also read Theodore Judson's Fitzpatrick's War some years ago, if that counts as steampunk. I'm looking at what else is out there.

    I live in Australia. Contrary to popular myth, this continent is not a complete deathtrap. So long as you keep tourists between you and the wildlife, you're generally fine. Although anyone who can't be bothered checking their shoes for spiders before putting them on has lost the will to live.

  • Thank you for joining us, @Jared!

  • I'm Francisco Cojuanco, a lawyer by profession who lives in a not-quite-suburb not-quite-rural-community near Phoenix, Arizona. I mostly read and comment on AH as a hobby, which I've gotten a taste for since I first saw "What If?" In the bargain bin of a suburban Costco. I was introduced by this site through SLP.

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