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  • I'm currently watching Mrs America, which stars Cate Blanchett as 1970s anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly. It's good! I usually love drama series that are set in the 60s through 80s (Mad Men, The Deuce, Deutschland 83, The Americans), especially if they're political, and especially - as in this case - when they teach me something. The American women's movement is not something I knew much about, so this is both educational and entertaining. From what I've read (Slate is doing a helpful "how accurate is" series about the show), Mrs America fairly and fairly accurately portrays both sides of the issue: Schlafly and the conservatives on the one hand and Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and the liberals on the other.

    I also just finished watching The Plot Against America and wrote a review for Never Was. TLDR: you should see it.

    Last movie I saw was Midway. I ought to write a review about this one as well. It's a good war movie, the way they used to make them, but it tried to do too much: show the entire Pacific War up to and including the Battle of Midway. The Pearl Harbor scenes, which features characters that won't reappear later in the movie, could have been cut. They already did a whole movie about Pearl Harbor, after all.

    Other recommendations:

    • Hunters (Amazon Prime - my review here)
    • Chernobyl (HBO)
    • Altered Carbon, Season 2 (Netflix - Hilde reviewed for Never Was)
  • I tried watching season 2 of Altered Carbon but I just can't get into it

  • I liked the first season a lot more than the second.

    Anthony Mackey just isn't a convincing Takeshi Kovacs. I hope that they'll chose better when they cast someone to portray him in season 3!

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    I am rewatching Star Trek Discovery (at season 2 right now). And I'm also rewatching The Witcher with @Bert :)

    Aside from that I have been watching a lot The Closet Historian on youtube.

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    I guess I just sort of decided it was a different character and got used to it after the first episode. But it was an adjustment, and I agree the first season was better.

    It's certain there will be a Season 3?

    (By the way - I put in a link to The Closet Historian, hope that's OK!)

  • Currently: Westworld, Season 3. So-so.

    Tried Freud, a German-Austrian take on Alienist. Quit after 3 episodes.

  • @Ottens of course that's ok, thank you! I'm not sure season 3 has been confirmed, but the ending of season 2 hits to it, and the rumour has it that it IS happening. They even did an anime spin-off (which I have only seen the trailer of and the animation looks so bad I'm not sure I'll watch it). Maybe they'll mostly make it be about OG Takeshi Kovacs, after all he's around being a rebel spy as well.

    @lord_k The Alienst is hard to top anyway I would think, that's such a good show. I think I've seen it 8 times now! (I'm not even ashamed to admit that!).

  • The anime spinoff is still on my watchlist on Netflix. I suppose I ought to give it a try.

    I've heard good things about Westworld. @lord_k, do you recommend it?

    Just started watching Hollywood on Netflix. It's... interesting. In a good way (I hope - only saw the pilot so far).

  • @Ottens , Westworld Season 1 is a must, IMHO. Season 2 is OK but boring, Season 3 is closer and closer to mainstream sci-fi, losing almost everything that made previous seasons so special.

  • I saw a commercial for a German noir series on instagram earlier: Babylon Berlin. They're going to start airing it on Belgian TV (Canvas), and I'm hoping I can see it online somehow as I don't have cable (we use the tv for youtube, netflix and the Nintendo Switch haha).

  • I tried the first episode of Babylon Berlin but couldn't really get into it. The costumes and CGI look great, though.

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    Loved the show. Dubious plot (especially the Russian connection), but great actors, choreography and atmosphere.

  • Watching I Lost My Body right now, an animated movie. A bit sick, but worthy. Available on Netflix.

  • I've always been awful at keeping up with television shows and movies, but I most recently finished watching Picard. I have mixed, but more positive than negative, thoughts on it, and would be interested to see where a second season goes.

    It was certainly better than Discovery, which I almost stopped watching in the first season and only continued to hate watch because my partner insisted on seeing (and complaining about) every single episode. The second season was a significant improvement (and this version of Captain Pike is such a dreamboat, which doesn't hurt) but I still have a lot of issues with the writing choices. @Ottens, I'd be curious to hear your opinion on these two, if you've watched them, seeing as you're a huge Trek fan.

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    Not a Discovery fan at all. I actually stopped watching midway through Season 2 - although I agree Anson Mount's Pike was good.

    My list of complaints and laments would be long, but the disrespect for canon (Klingons, ships, uniforms) and dark tone (too much Mirror Universe, Starfleet planning a genocide?!) are the main reasons.

    I wish they would have called it something else, not Star Trek - or at least set it in the far future, not the 22nd century.

  • I am very excited for season 3 of Discovery.

    At this very moment I feel like I deserve some kind of award, because I am watching that new Ghost in the Shell anime on Netflix for a Never Was Magazine review and spoiler alert: this is even worse than that shitty movie with Scarjo! Bah!

  • Started watching Upload on Amazon Prime. A wild satire, served sweet and easy. Short episodes, 25-30 minutes each. Quite worthy.

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    My friend Lora passed me this link, as this youtube account has some listings of video from the Victorian to diesel and atom era. Pretty cool!

    (maybe best turn the sound off so you don't have to listen to him waffling about how you should subscribe over every video).

  • Finished Upload. And Into the Night too (a dark disaster mini-series, heavy traces of plagiarism, weak compared to 25-yo The Langoliers, not bad anyway).

    Started Hollywood. Great costumes, @Hilde should ike them. :)

  • I definitely want to give Hollywood a go. After I finish watching Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045.

  • Here's a great video of how Barcelona was transformed for the 1992 Olympics, which was the beginning of the city's revitalization.

  • I am TRYING to watch Drifting Dragons on Netflix, for review purposes, but the dragon hunting is so much like contemporary whaling I don't think I'll be able to stomach through the first episode! And one of the lead characters is annoying AF.

  • I am enjoying an entirely new entertainment phenomenon, Youtube movie critic. People like: The Critical Drinker, MauLer, Doomcock, Clownfish, Nerdrotic, Geeks&Gamers, Midnight'sEdge, Mindless Entertainment, Bowlestrek, and loads more are offering critical reviews of Star Trek, Disney Star Wars, Dr. Who, comic book stories and other science fictions franchises recently "remade" in some false, political way. They are a refreshing bit of entertainment when compared to the anti-intellectual corporate remakes of old but popular shows.

  • Wow! Barcelona has really changed since I was there in 1984. Marian and I are watching Youtube "walking the streets of Barcelona" videos now.

  • Indeed! Apparently, it underwent quite a transformation in the early 90s.

    The old city and Eixample neighborhood (which is where I live) shouldn't have changed too much, though. This is all historic buildings.

    You visited not long after the end of the dictatorship. What was it like back then?

  • I am rewatching Penny Dreadful. Currently on season 3, so nearly the end. I have seen it a few times so at least I can watch it without crying hysterically at the final ending (I normally never cry at fiction but man, this one really hit me in the feels like the kids these days say).

    Is anyone watching the spin-off that's airing at the moment? Penny Dreadful City of Angels. I was hoping they'd put it on Netflix like they did with the OG, but alas, no such luck! (Netflix is being pretty rubbish lately, I wanted to rewatch the Blade Runner movies and those are gone too!)

  • So weird. Blade Runner (The Final Cut) is on Netflix here. But I notice now Blade Runner 2049 has disappeared. Luckily I rewatched it a few months ago. We saw it in the cinema when it first came out.

    I'm rewatching Mad Men. It is due to leave Netflix in early June.

  • They both used to be on Netflix here, but both are gone now :(

    Luckily they've not gotten rid of Mob Psycho 100, which is one of my favourite things on the platorm :) The live action I mean, the anime sadly isn't on there.

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