Different punk genres

I don't know if I am in the right category. I apologize if I am not. I am wondering if I have this more or less correct:



  • Let me split this off, I think this is worthwhile having as a separate discussion.

    I don't know about Raypunk. I consider WW1 to be the dividing line between steam- and dieselpunk. Remember, a lot of dieselpunk takes inspiration from the Roaring Twenties.

    I think the images work great, though! They're all good representations of the genres.
  • Thank you Nick. I appreciate your critique.
  • Cassette futurism and cyberpunk are basically the same.
    The only difference is that cyberpunk happend at the time of "cassette futurism" and "cassette futurism" is invented 40 years later.
  • Here's a similar image:


    I still think "raypunk" is a bit of an odd thing. Early twentieth century predictions of the future can probably be put under steampunk or dieselpunk. We don't need a separate genre to cover the 1910-30 period. Most of that will be dieselpunk.

    Streamline, I think, should be under dieselpunk, as should Art Deco or what I like to call decodence. Dieselpunk isn't all dark.

    And, as Yaghish remarked, "Cassette Futurism" is really just outdated cyberpunk.
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