Steampunk anno 2018

The online fandom has died down a little. Many of the websites, blogs and communities I frequented in the heydays of 2006-10 have disappeared. (I'm actually working on a story for Never Was about old steampunk sites.) The Steampunk Forum used to be far more active. Steamfashion is dead. The Steampunk Empire has disappeared.

There does seem to be quite a bit of activity on social media, but it's hard to gauge.

Offline, we still get a steady stream of steampunk books, movies, art and music, but it does seem the hype has passed and now steampunk has become a "normal" genre.

I'm not sure about events and meet-ups, because I was never into that aspect of the steampunk community to begin with.

What are your experiences? Does it feel things have slowed down? If so, is that a bad thing?


  • There are many Facebook groups, but they revolve around cosplay and artifacts mostly. Having said that, I agree Facebook is not any good for propper discussion.
    Also, I do think steampunk literature never took off, compared to steampunk comics (especially comics in France and Belgium).

    There are many meetings for cosplayers, too. All large fantasy/gothic/pagan fairs are taken over by steampunk cosplay. It's boring, because nothing has changed in the past 15 years or so. There is no innovation whatsoever, it's only more of the same. There is no inspiration there.
  • On a personal note with some irony; I never made anything steampunk before until last year. I'll put a picture of it up somewhere.
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