Of Sigurd Fafnirsbane, Norse myths and legends, Tolkien, and steampunk

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I'm a huge Tolkien nerd (literally I'm the girl who finds a Tolkien reference for every situation. My friends in high school considered me the year's Tolkien expert.) and I'm also very into mythology, particularly Greek, Norse, and Celtic. I even titled my post in the same way JRRT titles some of his chapters in the Silmarillion.

Right now I'm working on a steampunk urban fantasy novel set about a hundred years from now in an alternate world where the Norse successfully colonised the US/North America I had to do some research on some details, because I'm an Aussie and there are lots of little details that you in general (or at least I) miss, even though of course I'm changing those.

The plot is based on the famous Volsunga Saga telling the story of the hero Sigurd and his killing of the dragon Fafnir, who was once a dwarf (the image of a dwarf with multiple steam-powered implants in him that molded themselves into his flesh, distorted his shape and made him into a huge cyborg dragon running on ''mithril'' is scary) and his adventures after that. I'm up to the reforging of the sword and have a pretty good idea where I want to go with the story (there's a twist with reclaiming a dwarven kingdom that was inspired by reading The Hobbit one too many times) How do I make the technology a part of the tale without overwhelming it? And is this something posters here would be interested in reading?

I posted this on here because this thread doesn't include the text of the story itself.


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    So, anyone have opinions?

    Incidentally, I've read William Morris' Sigurd the Volsung and noticed some interesting parallels between it and Hobbit, particularly in the "son of a dwarven king becomes a blacksmith after his exile" part.
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    Thanks! The issue I'm having, though, is the difference in tone between The Hobbit and Volsunga Saga. The Hobbit is obviously a children's story and the Volsunga Saga, is, well, obviously not. Plus I don't really know how

    a search party of dwarves turning up at the Nibelungs' court looking for Sigurd, who's helping his foster father rebuild the kingdom

    would actually change the story. There would obviously be changes but I don't know what they'd actually be. And what about Gudrun and Atli's forced marriage and Gudrun killing her sons by Atli and serving up their hearts to him? What motive would she have to do that if Sigurd isn't dead?
  • Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the Volsunga Saga so I don't know the characters and events you're referencing.
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    Otakuscott wrote:
    Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the Volsunga Saga so I don't know the characters and events you're referencing.
  • Much as I'd love to partake in any literary discussion, I'm afraid that *hides behind cover* I'm not a Tolkien fan. I've seen the movies but the books were just not for me I'm afraid. To each their own and all that jazz :)
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