Diesel Powered Podcast Episode 5

Brand New Episode! Joshua and Liz joins Larry Amyett & Big Daddy Cool to discuss clothing on the cheap, Geoff harris gives his review of Pulp Ark 2012, and Paul Martinez drops in to talk about The Adventures of the 19XX. PLUS - a new contest to win some cool 19XX swag compliments of Paul Martinez!

Download "Episode 5" on iTunes or view this episode, at the link below:


  • Whilst I absolutely do appreciate that you're sharing these with us, I think it would be far better to keep one topic called "Diesel powered podcast" which then gets updated with every new episode rather than making a new topic for every episode. We do a lot of effort keeping things together as much as possible and I feel this shouldn't be an exception :)
  • Absolutely. Also, it would be appreciated if you posted more than advertisements for your own projects. I'm closing this topic and the previous ones which were created for individual podcasts. Feel free to keep us updated in the original one.
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