Nerf punk

I'm worried, I really am...

click for pic

quote one of the team:
"Nerfpunk is part tongue in cheek, and part an experiment to see/show that steampunk could be in any colors (not just brown) and be recognizable as steampunk."

Now I'm the first one to go for something tongue in cheek, and I LOVE Nerf guns (Nick no doubt still remembers my entire OMG I MUST HAVE AN ATOM BLASTER TO CONVERT IT INTO A RAYGUN frenzy [said atom blaster has been sitting next to the tv in hardly converted state by the way]) and I entirely agree that colour in steampunk is fine, but I'm not sure what to think of this.
Although it is quite well done for a convention thing :)

But it's altogether rather a lot too bright to my liking, there's just a little too much neon involved.


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    Ya, they look like the thuggish cousins of Willy Wonka.
  • this hurts my eyes, but i applaud their ability to make such bright colors work and harmonize with eachother... i can't imagine myself wearing something that bright for any extended length of time without giving myself a migraine
  • Especially the orange, that's a colour to be very careful with!
    Bright orange is one thing, but NEON is another thing entirely.
    (when using orange it's best to stick to a nice dark orange that isn't too bright or a bright orange muted with a print).
  • Now that they've tried it, at least no-one else has to.
    Don't know about nerf punk - looks more like Smurf punk.
    No. No, no, no. I applaud their ingenuity and gall, but no.
  • Apparently next convention their nerf punk group will be even bigger. Mind you, if this catches on I have something to write about in my fashion column haha :)
  • It my mind it is no worse than raccoon skin jackets, while it may not suit the taste of everyone if it suits them I support it. Now I may need to wear welding goggles while in their presence, but I think they seem a jovial bunch to share a Scotch and Sherry with. They also make me feel a little better about being only a third of the way complete with my nerf gun mods.
  • If Nerf was to release steampunk armor to go with their guns, this would be it. They would definitely be safe playing in the street at night.
  • It's got nothing to do with steampunk anymore. I mean,get close to an engine and there'll be grease, soot an oil all over these clothes. Just another "look, goggles! we're steampunk!!1!!11" thing.

    colors remind me of this
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