survey for steampunk games character

please fill in this survey for my steampunk games character

thank you


  • I do not really see the point of this survey and the questions are weird.
  • "Give you my credit card number?" "Why, sure!"
  • im a uni student and need to do some research into steampunk. I need to present my research and this questionaire will help me to do that..

    I tried to keep it short so it wouldn't take too long for you to fill out, your input would be greatly appreciated and the results of this questionaire will be used to create my character.
  • I think it would have been better if you put it somewhere where people are not forced to leave their details behind.
  • Quite, as a moderator, I suggest you start a new topic here which has all your questions in it. Then we can simply copy the list, fill in the answers and you just have to spend a little time longer processing them. People like filling in questionaires and would love to help, but you'll have to gain their trust first by not using a second party questionaire site ;)
  • sorry if I offended anyone but the questionaire doesn't require any details to be left behind? the purpose of the questionaire is to gather information of what steampunk is about and the result would be presented by myself and I will design my character around the results..

    I will copy my questionaire into a new topic so people can answer it there. and thanks to everyone who has already completed the questionaire online.
  • It does actually, when you fill it in and submit it, it asks for personal information. I'm happy to fill it in when you put it on the forum though :)
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    Uni student? Wat's that? Have you ever done any research? For steampunk, a lot of fans are older than 30, so putting "30 or older" in the questionair means you have done no pre-research whatsoever on the subject. If this research is supposed to be the initial one, you should put in more steps in age or you will end up having 1 person on each, and over 50% in "older". And yes, many of those crippled old greys actually do play games even if it's not PONG. It might put them off to fill in the form because you clearly think of children when it comes to steampunk games. There is theory on the matter of research, and every university should teach it.

    "11 and under" is not realistic in the world of the internet, where children are supposed not to be online without PG: in fact you should ask anyone underaged to ask their parents if it is ok to fill the questionair. You should warn them. And you should inform any of the people who answer about what will happen with their answers, as in, who are you (your real name!), what uni are you talking about (people might want to inform if a person x is actually a student), what level you are, what you are going to do with the information, and where it will be published.

    There is no introduction to your questionair. What is YOUR definition of a steampunk character? How can we answer that question without any information?

    What materials are used... well, if I aswered that a SC should be human, I can't answer here that it should be made of flesh and bones. The clothing could be different, but that's not your question. Plus you missed a lot of materials, such as fur (if the SC were an animal) feathers (dito, but also on burlesque dancers), or yummy steampunk stuff like mauveine.
  • What yagish is trying to say in his usuals negativist ranting manner is: would you please provide me with more information and I personally think you could improve on your questionare. Please don't be scared away from steampunk, the majority of us are nice and supportive people, honest :)
  • No, wha I tried to say in a more positive way is:
    If university is at this level, who needs Kindergarten?
  • That's not being positive, that's just being rude because you can.
    Seriously do you HAVE to be rude, blunt and negative all the time? Frankly I'm just going to say it because no one else is obviously going to: this forum isn't elitist central, either behave properly or go to some place where it's ok to act like you do most of the time.
  • Yaghish wrote:
    No, wha I tried to say in a more positive way is:
    If university is at this level, who needs Kindergarten?
    Yaghish, it's all right to criticize but if you do, be constructive. There's no point antagonizing people and making newcomers feel unwelcome here.
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