RIP Tony curtis

The legend that is Tony Curtis died today, peacefully in his sleep.

Rest in peace, Bernard - The Vikings is embedded in my childhood memories, and the theme tune to The Persuaders is ever present in my head!


  • "I am Spartacus!"
  • Farewell Mr Curtis. You shall always live on in my memory as an icon of timeless style.
  • He was always such a gentleman. Apparently, this stemmed from his guilt over possibly instigating his brother's death when they were children - he resolved to be courteous and helpful to everyone he met in order to atone for this.
  • I will always remember his role in Operation Petticoat.
  • There are so very many, excellent roles that he played so well. He was a regular here in SoCal, often coming back to the Hotel Del Coronado where 'Some Like It Hot' was filmed.
    I will miss him... But, I'm sure Turner Classics will load up the reels!
  • Since The Great Race is rated "Steampunk" one can easily say steampunk has lost a hero.
  • Oh, how unfortunate to have lost such a great man. Farewell and rest in peace, Mr. Curtis. I will have to do a movie marathon in remembrance...
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