BioShock, the game

I finally got around to playing BioShock, which should be a worrying indication of how bored I am, but I absolutely adore the game! Perhaps it's because I haven't played a video game in a while, but it's not so much the action and all that I really like, it's the whole look and feel of Rapture -- the perfect 1950s underwater dystopia, in perfect style and sometimes with lovely music even!


  • I fnished playing BioShock and I must say that I didn't find the ending particularly satisfying.

    I harvested only two Little Sisters while saving a whole bunch of others, and I still I end up threatening the world with nuclear weapons? That seems a bit odd, but ah well I suppose I should have saved every single one of those little brats to get the "good" ending. :rolleyes:

    As for Atlas's demise, I would have liked to see a little of Rapture after his fall. Instead, all we get is the Little Sisters saved and Rapture presumably decayed, the message of the game being that idealists who refuse to abide to dominant ideologies are doomed to failure? I'm not so sure that's what the makers of the game intended, but I got the feeling as though they wished to depict not a single positive feature of Rapture, while surely some arguments could be made in its defense? The undersea dystopia is undoubtedly a much better setting for a video game than an utopia where all is good and everyone's happy, but still perhaps some notion of Rapture being either once or ultimately succesful, to at least a certain extend, would have been nice.
  • I think this, out of all, could be the post to resurect concerning Bioshock. I got it the other day after trading in Mafia II (which was a bit of a let down). I like Bioshock so far, but allready I'm finding the jumpy enemies quite annoying; I flinch fairly easily when insane ghouls in the garb of doctors start attacking me with wrenches. But hopefully I'll stick to it. I dont think I'll get the second one though, but the third one about to come out looks very good indeed!
  • I never finished Bioshock - I really should purchase it for good and finish it off. I am very much looking forwards to the next installment, taking to the air.
  • First of all, the best redub ever:

    I managed to play both the first and second games during my long interregnum, and I rather liked them both. With the second one, I'm of the opinion that, while the game didn't really need to be made, it's not a bad story. In fact, it's actually a rather touching tale of the love of an abused genetically-modified young woman for her lobotomized diving-suit-wearing surrogate father. It was always a little awkward that you never got to go back to any of the places from the first game, but there were some nice elements that recontextualized parts of the first game (such as the fact that Ryan never really understood the transhumanist potential of plasmids), and the design of Rapture was top-notch, as always.

    Oh, and as you might have guessed from my avatar, I have a soft spot for Gil Alexander. Dude is so crazy.
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