Crimson Skies

I was of course familiar with the video game, Crimson Skies, which is often hailed a stereotypical dieselpunk installment. What I was not familiar with, however, is the nifty website made for the game, available here.

There's background information there which is quite lovely, though, judging from the screenshots, the game itself doesn't look all that neat. I can't tell you much about the gameplay, though, for I've never actually played the game. But I did download the "fan package" which includes screenshots, Jazz music, and some lovely photographs!


  • I quite liked Crimson Skies, but that was some time ago..It's certainly inspirational for me ion my own stuff. It was funny to

    "Let's get this strate sister. Errol Flynn bases himself on me!"
  • I currently have the Crimson Skies sitting on a table in the next room, but I have yet to play it. The character photos on the packaging look quite dieselpunk to me, though.
  • I freakin' LOVE Crimson Skies! It's the greatest Arcade-style flightsim EVER. It's great to just get into dogfights and aerobatics without having to wrestle through a 300-page manual, or tedious flight classes.

    There are no complicated prop and flap settings, there aren't any bizarre key-combo's you need to memorize, none of that stuff. Just instant action in some great looking airplanes.

    Plus, because it's an older game, I can run it on full power on my notebook. Hmm, I need to get the game again.. and find my joystick!

    To the skies!
  • Sorry to bump an older thread, but as Microsoft removed the nifty site with all the universe information, I thought I'd share a mirror of that site:
  • It's perfectly all right to necromance threads, especially for so admirable a purpose, for that is an excellent resource about the game! Thanks for sharing.
  • Crimson Skies has always ranked among my top ten favorite games of all time. I remember way back in the day when the game was fairly new a couple of friends and I established our own crew and took on all comers.

    Long live the MaDD HaTTers!!!
  • Which plane was your favorite? I usually fly my custom Peacemaker 370 with dual .60 cals and dual .50 cals as backup. No rocket hardpoints, all available weight is taken up by armor.. I love that plane :D
  • Necromany Redux!

    Bought this on a whim from Amazon, and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. Controls have been a bit of a pain; I have no joystick and whenever I try enabling the mouse/keyboard controls I immediately drill myself into the ground, so I've been working it out with the keyboard. I fly like a drunk bear, of course, but I get the job done.

    I don't really have a favorite plane yet, but I seem to have a grudging affection for the Balmoral Bomber.
  • Never played the game but I read some of the bookswhich came out later. Not totally mindblowing stuff but some of them were quite nice...
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