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I could not find a thread about the band Coppelius. They got one musicvideo that is rather steampunk in nature. Online, there are several other videos of live gigs, where they keep up the steampunk attitude.

The music however might be quite rough, even with the instruments used.


  • Actually quite spiffing. One more reason to check them out live.
  • I love this universe, like bugs bunny with blood. Is that wacko.
  • Not quite my taste in music I'm afraid, but I can see how it might appeal to steampunks.

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    The clip you linked to won't actually play on my machine, boo hiss, but I'm listening to some other videos now and I quite like it. Bit more rock and loud than Abney Park, which I can appreciate. They seem to be more on the SteamGoth side of things rather than being actually steampunk. And for some reason I keep on thinking that these guys are somewhat familiar to Tanzwut, but that's probably to do with the clarinet.

    And they're German, which means there's actually a chance European steampunks get to see them. I'm starting to think pigs will learn how to fly before we see Abney Park tour Europe. And I am quite in the mood for a steampunk gig myself.

    EDIT: after having listened to a couple of more songs I know what they really remind me of: Die Anarchistische Abentunterhaltung. But these guys have vocals and are less fabulous.
  • I like their costumes! This song is perhaps more in line with the steampunk influence:

    Or maybe it's just easier for me to pick up on it because I can understand what they're saying in that one :P
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