Trains of Steam

A lovely collection of paintings of steam trains was just posted over at the Russian livejournal community, Behold the Power of Steam:


Click here for more.


  • There's some truely lovely works there. The first one out of that series is my favorite.
  • You might want to check this out ( ), the new thinking about steam trains for the 21st century.
  • That's pretty cool! Not only because it's steam in our modern times, but because a train like this reminds me of retro-futuristic art:

  • You might want to check this out ( ), the new thinking about steam trains for the 21st century.
    That is cool.Love it how they didn'tdo too much to alter the appearance of thetrain - itstill has the classicgood looks.
  • Gorgeous paintings. The bright colours remind me a little of Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Here's another pretty cool train. I don't know what kind it is though. It was posted HERE but the text's in Russian. All I can decipher is "1937" so I presume that's the year the train was built/photographed...
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    It was photographed by Arkady Chaiget. The train seems to be one of his more famous motives. His other pictures might be somewhat disturbing. See Google, copy the name APKA... and the word after that and google the images.
  • Thanks for the name! This page has lots of his photographs up also. Contrary to the work displayed on the website you gave, these seem mostly intended to idealize Soviet life, with many pictures of parades and tranquil urban life.
  • From Plan59:

    From 1949, someone’s idea of a clever slogan for the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association. (Although we suppose that when you’re the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association, you take what you can get.) Much more memorable in this ad are the visuals — a striking polychrome locomotive painted by Andre Durenceau, who, not surprisingly, at one time worked for Technicolor.
  • I know it's a modern train, but it's arriving in the pretty Art Nouveau central station of Antwerp :)

  • That "advanced steam train" thing sounds fascinating. Though as i prefer DP and Progress i'd prefer a big broad-gauge, 300mph Maglev which merely looks like a 50's steam train XD. (that's one of the swoopier, faired-in designs anyway).

    There was also some story about steam engines on the local news but the girl turned it over before i saw it. It was called the Tornado though... i think it may have been a new engine built out of old spares... or just a restored old one.

    Quite a few steam lines around Britain still run, i beleive one of them even started (after privatisation) to be run as a passenger service as well as a tourist attraction, though it's on it's own line not shared by other trains and only has about 3 stops, mind. Still it's a very "titfield thunderbolt"-style story of people doing thier own thing
  • I'm somewhat of a model railroader (tons of equipment but no layout yet). Most of my collection is steam era. The 2-8-2 Mikado and 2-6-6-2 Mallet are my favorite locomotives.
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    For those in the UK, there is the GCR which runs from Loughborough, and well worth a visit/trip. They serve Sunday lunch on the train, and have specific events.

    And you can drive the trains!
  • Oh that sounds wonderful!
  • From the Viewliner Ltd. blog.

    1970's Southern California Railroading

    "Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 at the Lehigh Valley connection at Meeker Avenue - Newark, New Jersey, January, 1951."

    "Pennsylvania Railroad EMD F7(A) at the PRR engine facility - Renovo, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1956."
  • I've got some :)



  • I love that poster!

    The train itself seems just a little too much like a toy train, though I suppose that does suit Disney.
  • More snaps from Portugal

    The fernicular railway tunnel in Porto

    One of the Portuguese trains
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    @ Nick: I do agree that it needs a repaint in different colours, but at least it's a steamtrain :)

    @ the good Dr: those are wonderful!
  • Very dieselpunk-ian, Doctor! Hilde suggested that I should ask that you write an article about "Steampunk in Portugal" for the Gazette, so hereby ;) I'm not sure if there's much steampunk in Portugal, however, many "dieselpunk in Portugal" could feature that train there!
  • Will do, my good sir!
  • I'll give you access to our secret Gazette forum so that we may discuss it further.
  • The keys to the kingdom? Hope I don't lose them!
  • I'm sure you won't, though if you do, there will be punishment. :P
  • I'll set Merlijn loose on anyone that looses the keys to the Kingdom! (and yes that is punishment, he's singlefelinely terrified all the jehovas witnesses around these parts, they avoid our house like the proverbial plague now).

  • I forget whether or not I posted my video of my Grand Canyon trip, including (the apparently last season of) the Grand Canyon Railway's steam engine. Here it be:
  • From Retro Futurism. Not exactly a train of steam, it seems, but a lovely illustration nonetheless.
  • I dunno'... It looks like a streamline steam train.
  • Could be, I'm not sure. I just figured it was a diesel, because it looks so streamlined as you say.
  • A great collection from Lord K's:
    The Coronation Scot.
    Don't know what this train is...
    Photo from 1945.
    Photo from 1946.
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