We're passé

I got this video in my subscribtions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BUAsE3rwts

It states it is "post-steampunk".
The dude who posted it says it's not a genre after all, I guess he's being funny. But what would that be, post-steampunk? Is it a sign the hype is over and we steampunks can return to normal life? Or would that be something like dieselpunk?

I don't have a clue. I just wanted to share.
BTW: if you don't like metal and rock, I think you have to turn the sound off or don't watch at all.


  • I think it was an attempt of funnyness as well.
    Might have something to do with MTV covering an event with a strong steampunk feel (although I can't remember which one that was).

    You know how everything seems to be passé once MTV pays attention to it.
  • I can watch it, but not hear it, I'm afraid.

    As for "post-steampunk", isn't that dieselpunk?
  • You make a very good point Nick, but something tells me that's not what they mean.
    I wonder what the next fad will be.
  • Indeed---they probably haven't considered dieselpunk in their declaring of "post-steampunk", but considering this...

    Dieselpunk is post-steampunk is several ways.
    - It's set in a post-steampunk era;
    - With post-steampunk technologies and culture and characteristics;
    - It's typically more dystopian and, at the same time, realistic than steampunk (consider the comparison between cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk in this regard);
    - And it can much easier be introduced into mainstream, in terms of aesthetic, fashion, etc.
  • There's a lot of dieselpunk fashion in mainstream collections. especially this season.
  • I'd say! I was browing through some fashion magazine at Heathrow (I had to wait two hours for my connecting flight.) and saw a lot of dieselpunk potential. I tore out a few ads, so I'll post about 'em soon, once I find the labels' website. But yes, lots of 1940s-inspired stuff now.
  • Burda had a lovely skirt pattern as well.
    Which reminds me that I must pick up that issue before the October one goes on sale and I miss out on it (then I'd have to draft the pattern myself, which I can, but it's just easier to use an exiting one, much quicker :D)
  • Oh and Nick, a fashion magazine? :)
    Most excellent :)
    Which one was it? It wasn't Vogue I hope, they are evil fur industry supporting jerks!
  • No, just some airline magazine filled with useless content and lots of advertisements. ;) I'll post a thread in The Emporium. Or had we already a thread about Dieselpunk fashion there?
  • I miss the Face, that was a proper lifestyle magazine :(
    Now all popular magazines in stores are filled with useless contents :(
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