Steampunk goggles and upcoming fashion

edited August 2008 in Steam

Because of my hm, cough, "video-making" addiction I am subscribed to the IndyMoguls Back Yards Effects channel on the YouTube, who gave this day the DIY moving goggles instruction video PLUS a link for DIY steampunk fashion. With a funny short adaption of the steampunk gear.

Either I missed something or someone from this Lounge knew of this and hasn't told me.

Enjoy it anyway, it's pretty cool!

EDIT: I just read this, which seems to promis some steampunk extravaganza the upcoming days on


  • I'm putting this in The Emporium, since it's fashion related after all. Unfortunately, I can't see the movie right now, because I'm on a university library PC that's apparently blocked videos....
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