Dieselpunk fashion

Where dieselpunk itself is ill-defined, dieselpunk fashion has nearly no clear guidelines at all, save that it draws inspiration from period fashion, that is, the 1930s and 40s, sometimes including elements from the Roaring Twenties and even the early Cold War.

Here's some depictions of both period as well as contemporary outfits which I think fit the dieselpunk style. Please do share your own!

1935oa7.th.jpg hugebossadew9.th.jpg

tailleurhautecouturechaoc6.th.png romyschneiderinboccaccidp2.th.png


  • 000570_37.jpg

    Indy in his white dinner jacket, after a swing-jazz opening by Willie Scott. Anything goes.

    jeeves2.jpg Bertie Wooster and his valet, Jeeves.


    sin_06.jpg The Chairman of the Board


    09.jpg 'our Jude'
  • I feel a zoot suit riot coming on...
  • Dieselpunk is very in right now, several designers have picked up on it.
    Expect to see it show up in winter fashions soon!
  • I think dieselpunk in terms of clothing works better with fall and winter; fedora hats and rain coats and all, not very summery.

    That's a lovely picture of Bertie Wooster, Steiner. I certainly got dieselpunk vibes from it. Humphrey Bogart, of course, an obvious choice. Though more noir than dieselpunk, perhaps, I still find him to embody the dieselpunk man excellently.
  • DP/pulp fashion? Bring it on!! Step aside damn metrosexuals! Time to insert some proper manliness into fashion!





  • What is the dieselpunk equivalent of the vapours? Because I think aku's post just gave it to me :P Those are some fine lookin' fellas!

    Here are images from a magazine photo shoot that I found on the foto decadent livejournal community. I think it brings together a bunch of dieselpunk elements. One of the pictures is NSFW.

  • Ooh! I like those, especially that first picture. I wonder where she's going with that humongous suitcase :D
  • That last picture....he's got my hat.
    These pictures you two put up are great!
    Dieslepunk is very in right now ...
    That's very true, there's a lot of looking back at the 50s and before at the moment, as I talked with Ottens the other day. Though I wonder how that will manifest itself.
    In this country there's somehting disturbingly 70s with modern fashion. Perhaps sense will drag us to a better age.
  • How odd, I feel that over here, in The Netherlands that is, there's a tendency toward pre-hippie, 1950s fashion, but only among a certain kind of people. You'll still see plenty of people dressed most indecently.

    Those are some pretty smart photos, Colonel! They might be slightly more, uhrm, romantic, than dieselpunk usually is. They make me think of Berlin in the last weeks and days of the War, with the Soviets about to storm in, and all people left in the Reich's capital boozing and partying.
  • You're both lucky, belgium seems to be stuck in a near permanent 80ties revival and bad smelly metal garb kindda thing X_x

    Tom and I never seize to complain about it.

    I love all the photos btw :)
    Some of them do not only display wonderful outfits, but they're also fantastically atmospheric!
  • Yeah, much of Toronto seems to be stuck in the '80s time warp as well. Leggings are only useful for keeping one's legs warm wearing skirts on a cold day. They should preferably be mostly covered by boots and not worn with flipflops in the summer! I like to complain about it, too ;)
  • Leggings with flip flops only very very VERY rarely works. And then only with leggings of the proper lenght and flip flops by brands like Birkenstock so they at least don't look like your average beach flip flop!

    You won't see me caught dead in ankle lenght lycra leggings with Puma flip flops! Sadly, a great big part of the world does not agree with me X_x
    That sort of legging is great in winter, I agree with you right there.

    We need to build our own steampunk city with fashionably dressed people :D
  • I thought that's what the Lounge was for? :P

    Leggings, uch... occasionally, some disturbed woman can still be seen wearing them.

    Anyway, I spotted an ad in the newspaper tomorrow for a Dutch fashion store called Blijdesteijn Mode. I'd never heard of it, but there's some interesting stuff on display at their Website:

    mode1ya9.th.png mode2az2.th.png mode3zi5.th.png

    By: Gant USA, Christ (last two)

    mode4wr3.th.png mode5rq2.th.png

    By: Christ, Carl Gross

    Clothing from this "Christ" brand in particular strike me as perfectly dieselpunk. Very Sky Captain, 1930s/40s, though sometimes with a little post-apocalyptic touch to it. Or maybe that's just me? Suffice to say, I think these are lovely!
  • Not sure about the post-apocalyptic touch Ottens, but good all the same.
    Hildekitten is sort of right...we need our own Dieselpunk city. ;)
  • How about a bit of both? Some hybrid city that fuses steampunk and dieselpunk... Now that would be a place I would like to live!
  • Steiner wrote:
    Not sure about the post-apocalyptic touch Ottens
    Probably wistful thinking on my part. ;)
  • How about a bit of both? Some hybrid city that fuses steampunk and dieselpunk... Now that would be a place I would like to live!
    Yes yes YES!
    I agree!

    And Nick, leggings are fine as undergarments NOT as a substitute for trousers. I really wish people would start realising that by now!
    (the only exeption would be leggings for sport type things in a sport's hall type place).
  • Fact. Now where is this Steam/Diesel city going to be? Oh and I really liked the pictures from Jeeves and Wooster, great program and very twenties; I loved the opening theme
  • Isn't it just? if I had to say that there was one author or film adaption which got interested in classic style, the 1920/30s and what Bertie would call 'general thing-ness' it would be the DVD boxed set 'The Whole Jolly Lot' I picked up for a song on a whim.

    Ahem, 'Oh By Jingo' From the top!
  • Are you serious they have a boxed set?!?!?! I know what I want for christmas

    Seems that everywhere is stylistically stuck in the 80's...which for guys I don't mind too much; always been a fan of suspenders and leather motorcycle jackets...although I would prefer Dieselstyle of course.
  • And Nick, leggings are fine as undergarments NOT as a substitute for trousers. I really wish people would start realising that by now! (the only exeption would be leggings for sport type things in a sport's hall type place).
    Yes, I must say that yoga pants (which are just slightly thicker leggings) are ideal exercise wear. They are like a second skin and are my preference for any physical activity that demands a lot of flexibility from clothing.
  • In winter, I end up with an appearance that has been described by others as "So, off to assassinate the Russian royal family?"

    This was quite accidental. Not being lofty vertically, long wool coats often end up just above my feet, and I have various wool/faux-fur hats that really are suited for the chilly months. Coupled with a pair of Docs, I've ended up not with Boho chic, but Bolsho chic (Bolshovik).

    Comfortable, warm, and apparently great for starting revolutions :D
  • Sounds like a good dieselpunk/pulp look. Perhaps when the colder months come, you can share it with us!
  • I would like to see pictures also!
  • Now here's a clean, simple difference between steampunk and dieselpunk: steampunks dress as though they are Russian royalty; dieselpunks as though they're off to assassinate them! ;)

    I agree with the Colonel and HildeKitten; pictures, please!
  • Blimey, you're all eager! ;) Unfortunately, as I'm just about to go back to uni, my stuff is all bagged up and packed up, but come the bleak midwinter I'll see if I can borrow a camera from somebody.

    It's a wonder what three pieces of innocuous clothing can do :D
  • As someone wise once said, "Less is more". ;)
  • And if you see the overloaded outfits of some steampunks, no one can disagree with that statement :)
  • Very true! How on earth am I going to make a quick getaway from my mad scientist's castle if I'm weighed down by a chatalaine/corset/petticoats/various gear-related stuff? And damn it, I must look nice before I leave in my underground river!

    I should mention I am wearing additional stuff as well as the hat, coat and boots, and not just those three :o
  • A Mossin Nagant Rifle and a Banner enscribed 'Down with the Tsar' might complete it? :D
    We'll have to have a Bolsh-Off. If I can find my grey Russian hat. (something like this: http://www.randlltd.com/images/black_hat2b.jpg )
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