Watchmen (film)

Here's to talk about the upcoming Watchmen film. It's scheduled for release some time in 2009, but still, every now and then, some stuff is made available and that should give us plenty to grow impatient over!

Now let's begin with the appearance of the characters and compare with their look in the original graphic novel.

The Comedian looks pretty similar. Not an awful lot to go wrong there.

Same goes for Rorschach--what's there to change really?

The Nite Owl got a rather more updated look, his suit more sophisticated and Batman-like than the costume he wore in the comics, but I think it works for the better. It makes the character appear much more menacing.

Silk Spectre's outfit, also, is updated to look somewhat more sleek and modern. I like it.

And here's Ozymandias. There's one update I rather dislike. First of all, the actor looks rather too shy and timid to play the superiority of the character, plus he seems too young. But the oufit! It's rather disappointing; it doesn't go at all with the whole Egyptian/Alexander the Great theme of Ozymandias in the comic.

Dr Manhattan, finally, looks like you'd expect him to, all naked and blue. There isn't really a way to make him look different from the comic version.


  • I agree as far as the updated Ozymandius goes. I really prefer the original - the new one is far too modern looking. Whatever happened to the awesome drapery? The hard suit is no good for this intellectual character; he uses his brain, not his brawn.

    Although I like the new Nite Owl outfit, I can't help but be bothered by the fact that it makes him look a bit too tough. In the comic, Dan is kind of a softie and I think that is something they could have kept. However, the owl-mobile looks great :)
  • In regard to the Nite Owl, I think it depends on greatly on how the actor portrays the character. He was out of costume for about half the comic, so I'm supposing that'll be more or less the same with the film; or at least, I hope so. Plenty of time to depict the "soft", friendly Dreiberg, while in costume, he should be a little more tough, though still relying more on his gadgets than his fists.
  • There's a bunch of behind-the-scenes videos available. This one's about the construction of the Nite Owl's ship:

    Looking pretty nifty, if you ask me!

    There's also videos about the sets (not an awful lot of interesting material in that one) and the costumes (which gives us a peek into the "look" of the film).
  • I'm being very wary about this, given the track record of previous Alan Moore adaptations - apparently, he's backed off from endorsing any adaptations, but is pleased with the way things look so far. The important aspect the film needs to get right is the tone and the underlying message, which is what makes it. It'll be interesting to see what they do with the internal comic-book story - I suspect they may dispense with it all together and concentrate on the 'real' world events, which may result in ruining the whole enterprise.
  • I share your skepticism, however, from the looks of this, this'll be a much more faithful adaption of the original graphic novel than the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta movies.
  • I liked the V for Vendetta Movie! I thought it updated the story nicely, kept enough of the original elements in it to remain "true" to the story and gave it an even better sense of dramatic timing. But that's not really what I came to this thread to post about.

    So I'm taking an English course called "The Graphic Novel" and my friend and I came up with a brilliant plan to try and score bonus marks on our exams. The first graphic novel we study is Watchmen by Alan Moore, so we are going to dress as two of the characters for our in-class exam in December. We are going to use the costumes again to go to the movie premier of the film adaptation on March 6th, 2009. He's dressing as Rorschach and I'm dressing as Ozymandias (with the comic book version of the costume, not the crappy movie version). I can't wait. This is going to be awesome. If everything goes according to plan, I'll post photos of us here sometime in December.
  • That sounds like great fun! Oh, I wish they'd offer courses of graphic novels here---but no, English classes are all about the typical, boring novels so that's why I'm not taking any.

    I liked V vor Vendetta all right, as a film in itself, however as an "adaption" of the original graphic novel, it was... not so good.
  • Ottens wrote:
    I liked V vor Vendetta all right, as a film in itself, however as an "adaption" of the original graphic novel, it was... not so good.
    Not to hijack the thread, but my main problem with that movie was the portrayal of V as a heroic character. V isn't heroic; he's a monsterous sociopath. He even says so himself.
  • Exactly. Besides the obvious political differences, in the film, the main protagonist is very much depicted as a hero, while in the graphic novel, the character was much more complicated, and the righteousness of his actions much less certain. That's what I liked about the graphic novel---one could consider V something of a "necessary evil", while in the film, he seemed unquestionably heroic.
  • It is true that they glorified his actions in the film and made V seem less morally ambiguous. However, one does expect some element of character assassination from Tinseltown. They didn't butcher it too badly.
  • I'm not going to watch pre-release footage! That's cinematic blasphemy ;)

    I'll wait until the film comes out to form an opinion.
  • Now that I've read the novel, I want the movie to come out already! Must it really be so long?

    Well, at least it'll end up falling in the month of my birthday. I can consider it a birthday present. And who knows, if it ends up good enough and it's still in theatres when my birthday rolls around, I might know what my friends and I will have to do then!

    Anyway, I agree with a lot of previous statements. I hope they maintain the tone and overall meaning. I don't want to see this glitzed up in Hollywood fashion. I mean, if they toss the moral ambiguity out the window like they did with V, I think the whole thing will be shot. That's part of the whole point of it.
  • I'm not very optimistic about the translation of this graphic novel to film. The story is too psychological, too political, and the trailer pays absolutely no credit to the fact that there is actually a story behind the pretty uniforms. I'm afraid they'll turn it into yet another action blockbuster, and it'll have as little relation to the book as say, Stephen King's The Running Man or Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising.
  • I'm most worried about the fact that they've removed Tales of the Black Freighter: Marooned from the film. I know that it is being released seperately on DVD, but the whole point of that story is the way it parallels the main story of Watchemen. Quite a bad decision, if you ask me...
  • It's unfortunate, yes, but an understandable decision. I'm not sure if it would have worked well with the main plot in a film. Especially viewers unfamiliar with the original graphic novel probably wouldn't understand it. Plus, I imagine that they decided to cut it to save time. As much as we might like it, a four-hour film wouldn't go well with the typical movie audience.
  • I knew this would happen. One thing they could have done, rather than have it in the main film, is use the 'Black Freighter' story to lead into the film, maybe before and during the titles. Too much to hope for...
  • That would have been another good way to implement it, and without blowing the budget either! They could have part during the opening credits, part when the newspaper vendor is talking to the kid, and part during the ending credits!
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    And to think - they never consulted us!
  • That reflects rather poorly on them, I agree. Between the two of you, I'm sure a much better film could be made. ;)
  • Make sure to count me in! I'd love to direct something like this.

    Ah, how disillusioned I've become with modern American cinema. It reminds me of a comment I recently made about The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: "It seems strangely fitting that the greatest film about the American west was made in Italy."

    Come on, Hollywood. Don't mess this one up too much!
  • In case you haven't seen it yet, watch the TRAILER.

    In spite of the things we don't like, this still looks pretty awesome. It strikes me as a tone more darker than the graphic novel, and I still don't care much for Ozymandias' new look, but overall, it's looks very epic and staggering.

    Also, another poster:

  • I like the poster. A good choice for advertising.

    Oh yes, in spite of the fact that I think they may butcher the original story, the movie is bound to be entertaining and I'm certainly still looking forward to it.
  • There's an interview with Watchmen[/] artist Dave Gibbons over at WatchmenComicMovie. CLICK HERE to read it.

    About the film, he says:

    I can’t wait for everybody to see it. That’s the feeling I got from everybody involved with it, as well. I really can’t wait to get feedback on it. [...] Just an amazing experience, and I think I speak for everybody else in the audience there as well, you can feel the crowd just absolutely lapping it up.

    So rest easy. Rest easy, people, I really don’t think you’re going to be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t.
  • Gibbons - one of the finest artists to grace the pages of 2000AD, along with Brian Bolland.
  • There's a NEW TRAILER!

    Now every scene I'm seeing seems to come directly from the comic book so that's something!

    There's also a bunch of new posters. You can seem them on the same page. The Dr Manhattan one looks a little strange though.
  • I'm getting more excited by the day!

    Also I definitely approve of the Philip Glass music in the trailer. I think it's all from Koyaanisqatsi—life out of balance, indeed.
  • So I'm a little more hopeful after seeing that trailer. And thank goodness they went ahead with an R rating instead of trying to pretty it up for the PG-13. That's been the ruin of many a good film.
  • Well, that trailer looks fantastic. My hope has been somewhat restored, although they've still butchered Ozymandias' costume :mad: I'm unlikely to be able to forgive them for that, though, so I suppose I'd better just make peace with it.
  • That is a shame, yes, though I do like the new Nite Owl's costume.

    Also, I think this is the first time we got to see Patrick Wilson out-of-costume. He really does look like the Daniel Dreiberg from the graphic novel!
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