List of steampunk websites

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General Steampunk
- Aether Emporium - Interviews and steampunk links
- Airship Ambassador - Interviews and news
- Brass Goggles - Blog about "the lighter side of steampunk" (Defunct)
- Beyond Victoriana - Non-Western steampunk
- The Steampunk Scholar - Genre history and theory by Mike Perschon
- The Steampunk Tribune - Regularly updated blog about all things steampunk
- The Steampunk Explorer - Focused on events and sight-seeing in North America

- Dieselpunk Encyclopedia - Seeks to become the definitive guide on all things dieselpunk
- Dieselpunk - Larry Amyett's blog, emphasis on dieselpunk culture and theory
- Dieselpunks - Dieselpunk community online with blogs and forums
- Never Was - Formerly The Gatehouse, steam-, diesel- and atomicpunk magazine
- Flying Fortress - Dieselpunk blog with focus on genre theory (Defunct)

- The Steampunk Forum
- Spare Goggles - For when The Steampunk Forum is down
- Steampunks Reddit
- Welcome to Steampunk

Personal Blogs
- Datamancer
- Silver Goggles (Jaymee Goh)
- Meta-Punk (Marcus Rauchfuß)
- Steampunk Books (Kevin Steele)
- Steam Fantasy
- Steampunk Tendencies
- The Steampunk Workshop (Jake Von Slatt)
- Voyages Extraordinaires (Cory Gross)

- Exhibition Hall - Reports, reviews and interviews
- Gatehouse Gazette - Steampunk and dieselpunk e-zine (Defunt)
- Steampunk Magazine - Steampunk e-zine (Defunt)
- Structo magazine - A fiction and poetry magazine

- Clockworker (German)
- El Investigador (Spanish)
- Mercenarios di Dios (Spanish)
- Steampunk & Distopia (Portuguese/Brazilian)


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