Lost Liners

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Today, the SS Rotterdam returned to its own city of Rotterdam. It's a relict from the Ages of the Grand Voyages, when steam-power moved people all over the earth in style and class.
I don't know if it was under steam during the trip from Germany.

For the liners that can't be visited, there is this memorial site. Watch the pictures with awe. That kind of rich style has never made it into the "Dieselpunk" era.


  • I just posted about this in the Cafe Metropole without having noticed your thread, so I'll move this one there and reproduce my post below. :)

    Today, the SS Rotterdam, has returned home to the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    From Wikipedia -- The Rotterdam was the last great Dutch "ship of state", employing the finest artisans from Holland in her construction and fitting out process. With a career spanning forty years, she was also one of the most successful passenger ships of all time. She sailed from 1959 until her final retirement in the fall of 2000.
    From now on, the ship will serve as an hotel and tourist attraction with a cinema, theatre, etc.

    That website, "Lost Liners", is quite excellent!
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