The Most Glamorous Prostitute in the Entire City

More Trixie backstory. Trixie is my character from the RPG.

“Trixie,” it was the most glamorous name of which she could think. She had remembered this advertisement she saw many years ago. It had this gorgeous woman on it:


It was the most glamorous name, so she made it her own. Well, she was the most glamorous girl working the docks and certainly the most popular, much to her co-workers chagrin. But she tried harder than they did, carefully practicing and cultivating her image. Short skirts certainly, but also furs and immaculate make-up. Affecting an educated and yet seductive personality, she was the perfect companion for the upper-class man sick of his overbearing wife. She made certain to provide these men the perfect escape from their restrictive lives. Yes, Trixie was the most glamorous girl on the docks. She fancied herself the most glamorous woman in the entire city.

Of course, Trixie had no way of knowing this for certain. There were several brothels in the city and the women who worked them steered clear of each other's turf. They were all under the control of the mob, but for a Dock Girl to go into the turf of the Chinatown Girls meant that she would never work again. A ruined face meant the end of a career. So to maintain peace, each girl stayed close to her brothel.

Trixie was quite well treated. Being the girl who brought in the most cash, she had the best room. The Madame, a former prostitute herself, took good care of her girls. She always remembered to keep them well fed and protected them against customers who got too rough or didn't want to pay. Those men often found themselves incapable of having sexual relations ever again. There was one thing the Madame couldn't protect her girls from: the occasional mob thug who came around for a freebie. Sometimes a girl ended up bruised, but even the thugs knew better than to do more than that. A destroyed girl meant a smaller cut for the mob. Those thugs left Trixie alone though. Dames like her weren't to their liking.

Contrary to popular belief among her co-workers, Trixie was not an extravagant spender. She spent as little money as she could on the essentials. Make-up. Perfume. Perms. Lingerie. Her expensive clothing and jewelry, those were gifts from her clients. They were the extravagant spenders. Trixie? No. Trixie was thrifty. She saved every cent she could and put it in a small leather suitcase she hid in her closet. She couldn’t remember where she had gotten the suitcase, she just always had it. Trixie was going to use that money to get out of this hell-hole-of-a-city. One day, she was going to climb on one of those dirigibles and just fly away from this city, this life, everything. She was going to claw her way to the top, just so one day she could fly. One day.

One day . . . she saw him. It was as day turned to night and the docks were saturated in rosy hues. He had just come off one of the boats and she knew from where. They all had that look, the precious few who came back. He was beautiful against the background of the sunset. She wanted to help him. To ease the sorrow he carried on his back. Trixie later said that it was because she had no appointments and nothing better to do. But Trixie knew the real reason she propositioned him in the oncoming darkness. She led him gently into her room. A man like him who had seen so much death needed some love from this world. Trixie gave him all the love her body could provide. Then she held him until he fell asleep. She let him stay the night, she never let anyone stay the night, but she knew this man had no place to go. She held him even when he heard the bombs and smelled the gas. Then she held him while he slept peacefully. Trixie admired his body as he sleep next to her. Then, after a while, the sun rose and he rose with it.

He never spoke to her until he turned to leave, “How much?”

Trixie smiled sweetly, and meant it, “Keep your money, baby.”

He hesitated a moment and then left. Trixie put her fingers to her lips and remembered how he had kissed her. That man, he never told her his name, but she would see him again. Yes, she would see him, and then she would call him Marlowe.


  • Ooer, I love it! That was fantastic, Queenaquabubble, even better than your first background story. This definitely adds the necessary depth to Trixie and Marlowe's past.
  • I must agree wholehartedly with Adrianna, fantastic indeed. :) The story provides a much more interesting background for Trixie and Marlowe than I could have devised, and your prose reads even more smoothly than before.
  • Thank you very much, both of you! I'm glad you like it! Ottens, I was worried that you wouldn't like what I did with the relationship between Trixie and Marlowe, so I'm especially glad that you approve.
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